11 wardrobe essentials you should never throw away

Jess Edwards
Photo credit: Paramount Pictures

From Cosmopolitan UK

1. That cute dress you wore to Linda’s wedding last year.

If you’re following the number one rule of decluttering which is to ask: ‘when was the last time I wore this?’, you’d likely find yourself throwing away a whole heap of occasion wear.

Out of everything in your wardrobe, you probably wear your ‘wedding guest dresses’ about once a year, making them the most expensive cost-per-wear items that you own. But that doesn’t mean you should chuck them. As long as you’re still wearing the items when the right opportunity comes up, then you’ll want to hang on to them.

Having a go-to rail of cute formalwear is a really important part of every wardrobe and it stops you buying every time you’re invited to a new event.

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2. The dress your mum bought you for your 21st birthday party.

Hanging onto clothes with sentimental value is just like keeping that box of ticket stubs from your year out travelling – if it means something to you, hang on to it.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you should clutter up your wardrobe with clothes you will literally never wear. Instead, create an ‘archive’ suitcase or similar where you can store your most important items out of the way.

3. Your funeral outfit

As bleak as it is, we all have a smart, all-black outfit that we turn to for funerals. Keep yours stored somewhere separately if you otherwise would never wear it, but have it there just in case. On days like these, the last thing you’ll want to worry about is what to wear, so have something simple and reliable in your back pocket just in case the worst happens.

4. Those jeans that make your bum look great

Clothes should be all about making you feel confident and happy, so if you have one item that particularly brings you joy, hang on to it even if in other ways it is imperfect. Anything that leaves you staring at yourself in the mirror for that extra couple of seconds when getting ready must be working wonders for your inner confidence. No matter how old/faded it is.