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What a $110 million ice breaker luxury yacht will look like

La Datcha is the first 77 m icebreaker yacht

What a $110 million ice breaker luxury yacht will look like

Russian billionaire Oleg Tinkov has ordered for a new yacht where he plans to spend 20 weeks of the year and then charter it out to you for the remainder of the time.

The exotic islands of the Mediterranean and the Caribbean Seas where most luxury superyachts go for a spin comprise just five per cent of the world’s coastline. The Expedition Yacht 77 is for those who want to explore the remaining 95 per cent. Commissioned by Oleg Tinkov the luxury yacht is the first private 77-metre icebreaker yacht, also called La Datcha, whose sole purpose is to explore the furthest destinations on the planet… in comfort. The yacht is scheduled for delivery in late 2020 and Oleg Tinkov hopes to spend about 20 weeks on the yacht before he charters it out to high network individuals.

La Datcha can hit speeds of 14.5 knots and can break ice up to 40 cm thick and can remain autonomous at sea for up to 40 days. With a beach lander tender, a rescue boat, a dive support tender, two snowscooters, four waverunners, two expedition ribs and one submarine, the yacht can house up to 25 support staff and 12 guests.

The yacht also has two Jaccuzis – one indoor and another one outdoor – as well as a sauna, and a massage room. There’s also a fully-equipped gym, obviously, with six guest cabins that include two master suites.

La Datcha is set to be premiered at the Monaco Yacht Show in 2020 following which he plans to take it for a spin across the Mediterranean, Seychelles, Madagascar, followed by Kamchatka and Kuril Islands.

According to Tinkov, Bill Gates has expressed interest to charter the yacht for three weeks and a Forbes-listed Russian businessman has also shown interest in renting out La Datcha for six months.

La Datcha can be chartered for €690,000 + 30 per cent Advance Pricing Agreement for a week. Just think of it as a super-expensive off-roader you can drive all the way up to Everest.