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Akshay Kumar

Twinkle Khanna has bagged herself the most disciplined actor in the industry. Famous for his healthy lifestyle, the actor steers clear of drinking, smoking and late nights. You have seen him slaying the Hookah Bar in movies, but Akshay is the last person you’d find in late night parties.

12 of your favourite Bollywood Icons who refuse to sip alcohol - are you following them?

When we think Bollywood, apart from the movies making crores of rupees, we think glamour and a opulent lifestyle of our stars. That would include a wardrobe full of designer labels, stays in the most luxurious hotels, and partying in the grandest way possible.

And when it comes to partying, the thought of expensive drinks should be the first to come to your mind. But many of your favorite stars don’t share your fondness of alcohol. In fact, those how are the fittest of the lot steer clear of alcohol and smoking.

Here are 12 of such celebrities who keep alcohol at bay.