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12 most dangerous religious festivals in India


This bizarre festival is unique to the town of Pandhurna in Madhya Pradesh. Every year people from opposite sides of the river Jam throw stones to “save” a tree in the middle of the river, in order to get the rights to carry it to their village temple. This festival has been the cause of several deaths and thousands of injuries every year, due to which, it has been banned by the government.

12 most bizarre religious festivals in India

Fact is stranger than fiction. This holds especially true for a land like India, where ancient cultures and religious practices have dominated everyday life, even in these modern times.

Although most of these festivals are observed in only certain states/regions of India, from the ancient bull-run of Jallikattu to the utterly bizarre ‘hanging by hooks’ festivals, these cutoms can make your skin crawl.

We bring you the 10 most dangerous festivals in India:

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