12 Most Popular Indian Army Haircuts For Men Of All Ages

Monika Khajuria

The charming and no-nonsense personality of army personnel has a lot to do with their appearance, more specifically the hairstyle. The very short and neat haircut also popularly known as the 'Army Haircut' became a military thing due to the least maintenance it requires and the practicality of it on the field. Fortunately, the army haircut isn't limited to the army anymore but become a popular choice of hairstyle among men to flaunt.

Army haircut has gone through various levels of transformation. Although originally the army haircut was the classic short and crisp down-to-your-scalp style, it has evolved since then and there are multiple variations of it today. And like you, we are all for it. If the Indian Army haircut has intrigued you as well, we have listed for you 12 most popular versions that stand out the most and are suitable for men of all ages. Take a look!

Induction Cut

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The classic military haircut, induction cut is the shortest your hair can be with the cut closest to your scalp. This is the hairstyle of the freshly enlisted army personnel. The best part- you do not even need to style it a bit.

Buzz Cut

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This neat hairstyle is the extension of the classic induction cut. This extremely short hairstyle is almost like a stubble. But, it does have a lot of room for customisation. You can jazz this hairstyle up by adding a subtle skin fade on the sides.

Burr Cut

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If you are looking for a hairstyle that is short and stylish, and elongates your face, this is a great option. This cut features high and sharp skin fades at the sides with super short hair on top of your head.

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Faded Burr

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The faded burr is a more of a toned-down version of the burr cut. Ask your stylist for subtle skin fade that seems to blend with the hair on the top of your head. This clean and neat haircut is easy to manage and compliments any attire that you wear.

Ivy League Cut

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One of the most popular army hairstyles among the civilians is the ivy league cut. It is a poised hairstyle that makes you look dapper anytime. With short hair at the sides and a whole bunch of thickness in the middle, this hairstyle is often styled with a side-parting that gives your look a formal vibe.

Regulation Cut

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If you can not choose between the side fades and the classic medium-length hair, why not have the best of both. The regulation cut looks great with straight hair styled in a side pouffe in the middle with skin fades at the sides that go till the nape of your neck. Be warned though, with this haircut comes tons of hours spent styling the hair.

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Crew Cut

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The army hairstyle boundaries aren't as rigid as it used to be. They can be pushed a bit with this retro style crew cut. It has that professional vibe mixed with the spark of your own personality. The crew cut looks really cool with the fade circling your head acting as a frame for your cut.


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The undercut lets you have some hair in the middle-front portion that gradually and then sharply become tapered and faded as you move towards the nape of your neck. Ask your stylist for a subtle fade that transforms into an induction cut at the back.

Flat Top

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This style really brings out the thickness and texture of your hair. With your middle-front hair just trimmed and falling on top of your forehead, the cut moves into a blunt skin fade. For this style, the length of the middle matters the most. Ask your barber for a length that lets your hair be brushed towards the front without seeming shabby. If you got a huge forehead, this hairstyle is worth a try.

Pulled-Back Side Undercut

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Coming to something modern and military, the pulled back hair with a smooth side undercut is the latest talk of the men's hair salon. Men who like their look to be classy and intimidating are going to love this look. Make sure to ask your barber for a clean cut at the front and the sides in a perfect geometrical pattern.

High And Tight

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Not all army cuts are crisp and short. Long hair pulled all the way back with sides shaved off is an easy enough and comfortable way to flaunt the army cut without compromising your length. Slight moustache and stubble will go impeccably well with this high and tight look.

Butch Cut

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To pull off a butch cut, you need to ease into the idea of super-short hair with an edgy look. The butch cut won't make for a soft look. For hair that are hard to manage, this is the ideal haircut. With stubble-length hair at the middle reaching your hairline and sharp side fades, you will leave the salon feeling like a completely different person.

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