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Princess Diana is clearly done with this panel

That face you make when a meeting is running way too long on a Friday afternoon and it’s time to clock out.

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12 Times Princess Diana Was so Over It

There are a lot of reasons to love the late Princess Diana. She was smart, charitable and stylish to boot. And on top of all this greatness, she also threw some of the best side-eye on her side of the Atlantic.

It’s been reported that the princess of Wales had quite a rough time being in the public eye, and it showed. We get it – having your life scrutinized, dealing with personal problems publicly – it does not sound like a pleasant situation, even for someone quite privileged. And though Diana handled herself with grace, there were definitely times you could see she was over the fame stuff. 

We aren’t covered relentlessly in the tabloids or being hounded by paparazzi, but we can identify with the side-eye, the exasperated looks, and the glances that read, “are you kidding me?” We go though it in our everyday lives and Diana flawlessly captured our non-royal feelings of being so over it all.

We can appreciate a woman who wears her emotions on her sleeve. Above, 12 times Lady Di did just that, pretty much summing up our everyday feelings. 

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