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Almonds are full of nutrients like fiber, good fat, Vitamin E and antioxidants. Almonds, if eaten in the morning on an empty stomach, are the most beneficial. Soak 10- 11 almonds overnight and consume them in the morning, immediately after waking up and do the same at night.

12 ways to add vegetarian protein in your diet

Protein can be called the building block of our bones, muscles, skin, blood and even our nails and hair. For an adult, 50 rams of protein (10% of total calories) is required every day. For a muscle builder, it is around 120-150 grams according to his weight, and for weight loss, it is 30% of the daily caloric value.

Our body does not store protein, which means that it needs protein almost daily to work efficiently. Sometimes it can be a challenge to work protein in consistently throughout the day.

Here are some protein-rich sources that are available in the Indian markets and are completely vegetarian. Stock your kitchen with these 12 items and up your daily protein intake easily.

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