13 Celebrity Body Parts Worth More Than Your House

Sunil Makan
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Sometimes it's hard to put a price on things. A mother's love, for example, is priceless. Spending time with your friends, also priceless.

And you might assume that having both your legs or arms, or butt cheeks, for that matter, is another generally invaluable state of being. But you'd be wrong.

While us mere mortals don't often get the opportunity to allocate a dollar-sign to our limbs, certain celebrities out there do.

In 2016, the world learned that Mariah Carey had insured her 5 octave voice (From F2 to G7, should you care) and legs for a cool £35 million a piece. No biggy.

But she wasn't the only one to have her most valuable parts insured. From Rihanna to Michael Flatley, we've rounded up a list of rumours, from which we can surmise that celebrity body parts are extremely expensive. Excellent pub quiz fodder, you're welcome.

The Buttocks

Kylie Minogue £3 million

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The gold shorts in the 'Spinning Around' video, was the catalyst for insuring Kylie's derriere.

Jennifer Lopez £17 million

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Though she later poo-poohed the idea that she'd opted for insurance, the rumour was that J-Lo's enviable posterior was worth a lot of money.

The Legs

Mariah Carey, £500 million

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Originally, after becoming the face of Gillette's Legs Of A Goddess campaign, it was reported that Mariah's legs were insured for a whopping £500 million. Now, we hear both Mimi's voice and legs have been insured for a cool £35 million each.

Rihanna £1 million

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Tina Turner £1.5 million.

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At the height of Turner's career, it was reported that the singer had also had her amazing legs insured.

The Smile

America Ferrera, £7 million

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At the time of filming Ugly Betty, America Ferreira's smile was reportedly insured for around £7 million. A move fronted by Aquafresh, after Ferrera fronted a campaign for teeth whitening.

Julia Roberts around £20 million

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Or so the rumour goes... But if you had that famous smile, wouldn't you get it insured?

The Thumbs

Fernando Alonso, £9 million

Photo credit: Clive Rose - Getty Images

Fernando Alonso, F1 driver has had his thumbs reportedly insured for almost £9 million as part of a Ferrari deal.

The Moustache

Merv Hughes, £370k

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Merv Hughes, a former Australian cricketer, is believed to have insured his 'tache for £370k.

The Bosom

Dolly Parton, around £400k

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Madonna £1 million

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The Tongue

Gene Simmons' tongue - £500k.

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The Feet

Michael Flatley: £20 million

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Of Riverdance, obvs.

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