14 Fabulous Grooming Tips Every Man Should Know

Monika Khajuria

The idea of men's grooming does not sound as alien today as it would have a few years ago. In fact, a well-groomed man is what women desire and always have. There is nothing unusual about men finding ways to groom themselves. The contrary, however, is unpleasant.

Now, you might look at men who are always well-dressed and dapper-looking and think that is their natural self. That is not true. We can assure you that there is some (or a lot of) effort being put to create that. We are not saying it is as extreme as women's grooming (we all know how much goes into that!). They just swear certain grooming tips that you don't know yet. Well, we are here to rectify that.

Presenting to you the ultimate guide to men's grooming. Some of these tips might look insignificant to you, but all of these play a major role in your overall appearance.

Get Regular With Your Hair Cuts

Your hair cut defines your personality. No matter how well-groomed you are, a shabby haircut can veto all that. Be regular at the barber shop. Observe your hair growth rate. This will help you figure out how frequent you need to get the hair trimmed. You might need the haircut monthly, bi-weekly or tri-weekly. Just create a routine for your hair.

Find Your Signature Hairstyle

Your hairstyle is meant to add to your personality, not make people go- ' umm.. you should try a different hairstyle'. If that is happening with you a lot, you need to consider refreshing your hairstyle. Use hit and trial method to find the hairstyle that suits best on your face. It might need a few trials but it is worth it in the end.

You can make use of technology to get your signature hairstyle. There are so many applications available that allow you to virtually test different hairstyles on your face in 3D. Or you can just pick the traditional route and consult a hairstylist.

The Way You Smell Matters

Smelling good is an essential part of your charisma. The way you smell makes a lasting impact. Find a smell that you love and make it your signature scent. Use the scent sparingly. It shouldn't make people cringe with how sharp it is. You can also mix two scents to create your own signature scent.

Tame Those Bushy Brows

We know. Brows are a thing men are least bothered about. But when it comes to grooming, what a change they can make! We are not telling you to get it plucked and threaded. Just tidy up those wild bushes on your face. Use an eyebrow gel to keep them in place and going wild.

Exfoliate The Face

Just cleansing the face every day is not enough. You need something to scrub the dead skin cells, dirt and grime off your face. Use a scrub weekly to keep your skin in the optimal state. Be careful while choosing the scrub though. Choose one that is suitable for your skin type.

Trim The Hair Behind The Neck

Your shave isn't complete without trimming the back of your neck. It is good to look at and put a few more days between your next appointment with your barber. It, thus, is a quick and effective grooming tip that helps you save time and money as well.

Make The Best Use Of Your Beard

Rather than being a craze, your beard can be the most important element in your overall look. Most men keep beard because it fascinates them. But, groomed properly, a beard can amp up your look. Groom your beard regularly and give it time to grow into its full potential.

Shave Like A Pro

If you love the clean-shaven look, shaving is a constant in your life. Shaving is not just a task that you do every day. Done clumsily, it can ruin your skin and appearance. So, know the knicks and knacks of shaving to groom yourself well.

Say No To Shabby Footwear

Are you aware of the power of your footwear? You might think nobody notices it. You can't be more wrong. No matter how well you dress up, shabby footwear can ruin the look. So, invest in some good footwear and maintain them well.

Clip Your Nails Weekly

While you are eating the food, shaking hands or washing them, there are many instances your hands come into notice. And long, dirty nails does not appeal to anyone. It compromises with your personal hygiene as well. Clip your nails every week. A pro tip would be to clip them right after your shower as your nails are soft after a shower and easy to clip.

Get On Board With Sunscreen

You might need all the CTM jazz, but protection from the sun is a must. Not only does the sunscreen prevent skin ageing but it also wards off issues like hyperpigmentation and acne. So, keep your skin happy and healthy by putting on sunscreen before you step out of the house.

Keep Your Face And Hands Moisturised

Moisturised skin is happy skin. Even if your skin is not naturally dry, constant washing the face and neck and the change in weather can strip the moisture of your skin. And itching and redness are dry skin issues you don't want in your life. So, use a moisturiser to keep your hands and face hydrated.

Bad Breath Can Be A Deal Breaker

An important and widely ignored grooming tip is to keep a check on your mouth odour. Trust us, it can be a real deal-breaker. Pop up some mints or use a mouth freshener to always smell nice and not make people run off as soon as you open your mouth.

Know How To Work With A Trimmer

Many men prefer the stubble look. But it is quite difficult to maintain the perfect stubble look and that makes you look shabby. Get to know how to make the best use of trimmer and the various looks you can create with it and you will never look back again.

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