14 Indian dishes that make a healthy breakfast

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14 Indian dishes that make a healthy breakfast
14 Indian dishes that make a healthy breakfast

A healthy breakfast can give a great kickstart to your mornings, as breakfast being one of the most important meals of the day. While oats and smoothies have gained immense popularity as healthy breakfast foods, our very own traditional Indian dishes also make for a great breakfast meal.

Here are some that you can start your day with:

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Vegetable Dalia is an Indian superfood that loses weight owing to its dietary fibre content.


Another safe ch is the South-Indian speciality. It is made of semolina, which gives the body ample energy to survive the day.


Gujarati Thepla is a safe and popular choice for many conscious people. Made of wheat, fenugreek leaves, coriander leaves, turmeric powder, it's also ideal for fitting foodies!

Sprout salads

Sprung salad is a perfect option to add in your meal, filled with dietary fibres, vitamins and minerals. Consume the same with poached or boiled eggs for nutritious snacks or side dishes.


Poha is extremely rich in fat, protein and carbon. Added chillies and peanuts give it the perfect crunch.

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Paneer Bhurji

You may eat this low-calorie dish gyrating with taste with favourite vegetables. This brunch allows you to remain 'full' for a long time.

Aloo and Palak Pooris

Palak or spinach is a factor for the fibre, and potatoes are complicated, weight-loss-friendly carbs.

Omelette Masala

An egg has a minimum protein content of six gms! The addition of veggies such as onions, tomatoes or capsicum helps crack your taste buds' monotony.

Oats' Poha

Oat is rich in proteins, and the production of poha from them contributes to the 'Indianisation' of this Western speciality. You can add vegetables, fruit or only milk and have breakfast for your favourite.

Parathas (multigrain)

It's safe to have three grains to put into your filling attachment. Carved with fibre, vitamins, proteins and carbs, these parathas are the ideal beginning.

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Cheela (Besan)

Another significant source of protein is besan or chickpea meal. Breakfast is the best time for your organism to consume nutrients as empty. And get the right amount of

'metabolism for the day' with mint chutneys!

Idli Sambhar

Since the combo has the perfect blend of carbon dioxide, protein, fats, fibre and vitamins, Idli Sambhar is a healthy choice.

Moong Dal/Chana Dal Cheela

Indian protein sources are enormous in terms of Indian lenses and pulses. It's another safe choice to use ghee or mustard or sesame oil.

Beetroot Dosa

It is not always 'unhealthy' to savour the regular Dosas. You can always give them healthier twists, like making it into a potassium-rich beetroot Dosa for breakfast.

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