15-Year-Old Aakash Mavath Utilizes Instagram To Make $2,000 a Week!

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While most school kids spend their free time hanging around in malls or playing computer games, 15-year-old entrepreneur and founder of Hxstler, Aakash Mavath, has instead built a six-figure mentoring business. Working with over 40 e-commerce stores since his launch, Aakash has helped them to transform their business and maximize their sales.

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Instagram is one of the biggest social media networks in the world. While it was once the platform to share pictures of your food, nowadays, it is a valuable marketing tool. 15-year-old Aakash Mavath knows just how vital the channel can be to the success of an e-commerce business, enjoying over 100,000 followers across his two accounts.

Utilizing his knowledge of the platform and e-commerce success, Aakash launched Hxstler 12 months ago with the aim of helping clients build their own e-commerce stores and grow their business. His mentorship program was an immediate success, and he has steadily grown ever since, now working with over 40 brands and earning $2,000 a week.

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Not resting on his laurels, the young entrepreneur is now setting his sights on expanding even further, aiming to imminently launch an LLC that will allow him to help even more brands.

Aakash Mavath added, “I’ve always had an ambition to be an entrepreneur, and 12 months ago, I established Hxstler to help businesses expand their online reach. Since then, I have dedicated every moment to growing the business, spending long hours working with brands, and reinvesting every dollar back into my business.

This has allowed me to secure more clients and establish a six-figure company. My goal is to now open up an LLC and get my business registered. From there, the aim is to continue expanding Hxstler and reach $200,000 by 2022!”