15 Wall Tattoos for an Instant Space Makeover

Gretchen Ferrao-Walker

Decals or wall stickers are a bit like the zen masters of the décor world. They’re here to teach us that impermanence can be a good thing – especially when it’s high on aesthetic appeal and low on messy installation/removal, maintenance and cost! All factors that make wall tattoos popular in rented as well as transient spaces. Lately, there’s been a refreshing shift from 2D, cartoonish decals to 3D options that mimic organic or handmade textures. We’ve picked 15 such pieces to instantly transform your space.

01. Small decals, when arranged in a repetitive pattern, can create the impression of a large wallpaper, as seen with these Nordic, botanical motifs by Tofok. We love how the empty picture frame completes the composition. Size: 15cm x 9cm each. Rs. 225.90 (pack of 12). BUY NOW!

02. Whole-wall decals, like this exposed brick wallpaper sticker by WolTop, offer the expanse and drama of wallpaper without the messy application. Size: Medium (45cm x 600cm) and Extra Large (45cm x 200cm). Rs. 305. BUY NOW!

03. To add the illusion of height in a space, try this vertical-striped, PVC wallpaper sticker by Woltop. Size: 45cm x 600cm. Rs. 305. BUY NOW!

04. Go big and bold with a single large-scale decal like this meditative, lotus decal by GUYI. The vinyl sticker is available in three sizes: small (44cm x 30 cm), medium (62cm x 42 cm) and large (84cm x 57cm). Rs. 522.63 onwards. BUY NOW!

05. Spruce up a stairway or a kitchen island facade with this vinyl, watercolour, animal parade by Asian Paints. Size: 34.71cm x 72cm. Rs. 288. BUY NOW!

06. For an instant kitchen makeover, try these waterproof, Moroccan-style tiling strips by YanTin Factory. Size: 20cm x 100cm each strip. Rs. 192.24 (pack of 5). BUY NOW!


07. A classic complement with wood or wooden-textured surfaces, are these hexagonal, terrazzo-patterned, tile stickers by Oloey. Size: 23cm x 20cm. Rs. 210.52 (pack of 6). BUY NOW!

08. A minimalist take on the evergreen superhero theme by Sprout Fox. Available in 15 colour and two size options; small (5cm x 6cm) and large (8cm x 6.9cm). Rs. 40.94 onwards (packs of 16 & 30). BUY NOW!

09. It’s hard to resist the simplistic typography and message of the love arrow decal by HOMEGD. Size: 58cm x 13cm. Rs. 51.17 onwards. BUY NOW!

10. With 15 patterns to choose from, these tile accents by US Ship Kitten feature a PVC matte film, making them waterproof and wear-resistant; ideal for walls and floors. Size: 8cm x 8cm each. Rs. 147.66 onwards (pack of 21). BUY NOW!

11. Here’s one for the bird nerds: the PVC nature-inspired decal by Yoja. Rs. 53.93. BUY NOW!

12. Stay on trend with this tropical-themed switch-plate sticker by Yoja. Rs. 59.76. BUY NOW!

13. For an ornate touch, try these baroque-inspired 3D mirror motifs by Lazy Corner. Size: 12.7cm x 18cm. Rs. 163.74 (pack of 10). BUY NOW!

14. With their reflective, metallic finish, these acrylic, silver clouds by Sehaz Artworks put on a light show to keep little ones engaged. Dimensions: 5.2cm x 9.95cm. Rs.539 (pack of 12). BUY NOW!

15. This 3D, glow-in-the-dark, full moon wall sticker by CC House is as dreamy by day as it is by night. Available in three sizes: 5cm, 12cm, 20cm (diameter). Rs. 26.24 onwards. BUY NOW!