15-year-old buys his mom a car using money from summer job

A teenager in Ohio has always impressed his mother with his kindness, but his latest act made her realize that she did "something right" when she raised him.

Treston Harris, a 15-year-old in Wooster, Ohio, spent every weekday of his summer vacation working as a camp counselor at his city's Salvation Army. But instead of spending his paychecks on himself, he saved them to purchase a vehicle for his mother, Laurie Ramsier.

Over a year ago, Ramsier's car broke down.

"We spent all last winter pretty much walking to the store or relying on my mom for doctors appointments, grocery store, you know anything we needed to do," Ramsier told News 5 Cleveland.

A 15-year-old in Ohio purchased his mother a car using the money he earned at his summer job. (Photo: News5Cleveland)

At the end of the camp season, Harris spent $1,800 on a used Jeep.

"My mom was telling me like buy normal things like what kids would do, video games and all that," Harris told News 5 Cleveland. "I was like 'I would rather buy a car for the family.'"

Despite using a chunk of his earnings to help out his family — a blessing for Ramsier, who no longer has to rally her three children to walk places — Harris still had fun this summer. He spent around $200 on small purchases while hanging out with his friends.

But his hard work didn't only result in a car for his family — it helped him grow as a person.

"Last year wasn't the best year for me," he told News 5 Cleveland. "I had some troubles and my grades weren't the best, but this summer I had time to work through it."

For Ramsier, her son’s gesture was more than superficial.

"It makes me very proud, it makes me feel like I've definitely done something right," she told the news station. "It takes a real kind heart and a soft soul like him to do what he did."

Ramsier did not immediately respond to Yahoo Lifestyle’s requests for comment.

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