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Bairi Piya – Devdas

Girl won us over in her very first attempt. Let's all pour our gratitude toward Sanjay Leela Bhansali for noticing this diamond in the rough and chiselling her to this brilliance.

15 Years of Shreya Ghoshal, 15 melodious gems from the singer's vocal chords

A lanky little 11 year old, what would come out of those feeble chords, thought many- but couldn’t shut my opened mouth for my jaw had fallen on the floor as she belted out a classical number perfected by none other than the very revered Lata Mangeshkar herself – who would dare to try the complicated notes of Sunio ji araj from Lekin, none other than Shreya Ghoshal. With Devdas completing 15 years last week, the precious discovery of Sa Re Ga Ma… has also completed 15 years in the industry. Here are 15 jewels from her unparalleled vocal chords.