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“Processed foods, like pizza, trigger a response in our brain that causes us to overeat on a regular basis. The more we eat these kind of foods, the more our body craves it,” explains Lisa Dwoskin, life coach, personal trainer and fitness expert. “Research has found that blood vessels restrict, and tissues become inflamed. Blood pressure is also affected, damaging free radicals heighten and insulin levels can surge or drop quite rapidly when overheating unhealthy amounts of this type of food.” Eat This Instead: Look for unprocessed foods packed with fiber and grains.

16 most addictive foods on the planet

If you can quit these belly bombs, you’re on your way to a much healthier body and mind! Yet sugar can be addictive, too. As much as we need to food to survive and thrive—if you’re not careful, it’s easy to get “hooked” on the ones that can cloud your brain, raise your blood sugar and pack on the pounds. An easy way to break bad habits is to study this list of what we deem to be some of the most addicting foods—and start eliminating them from your diet whenever you can.

– Eat This, Not That