17 year old Prashant Gupta leads the way for young entrepreneurs


What were you doing when you were 17? Getting yourself ready for university? Going out on dates? At 17, Prashant Gupta is a serial entrepreneur.

Born in himachal pradesh and brought up in Delhi, Prashant always had a keen interest in business and was looking for ways in which he could bring his knack for cracking deals and making profit out of the most obnoxious thing to the fore. He was a very good student but after finishing his tenth board examination, he realised that he did not have it in him to wait any longer for the right opportunity to come to him.
About the beginning of his journey, he says, “I thought of starting a small start-up based business when I was in the 11th grade with the limited means I had. It turned out to be successful and that gave me the confidence to explore other opportunities and invest in more ideas. I was a very good student and I was upset to my studies taking a backseat during this time but it was not possible to do things equally well at the same time.”

Today, Prashant is one of the very few under-18 businessmen who have carved out a niche for himself and have played a huge role in inspiring the youth of the country.

“India is a young country and our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi ji himself has been very encouraging of entrepreneurs and the booming start-up culture in the country. We have several websites operating under the umbrella brand of Shopify. I started with the thought that we should sell the products that could be lapped up by the Indian consumer but were not being sold. We mostly import products from China and make sure that the quality of each and every product is top-notch.”

Prashant understands the importance of social media and uses it as an important to expand the reach of his business.

“Our business pages are very active and are responsive to customer’s feedback and queries. Personally, I am also quite active on social media. I keep getting a lot of messages on Instagram enquiring me about our business and products that we offer. When we started out, we promoted the business extensive through Facebook ads as we did not have any other means. What sets us apart from other e-commerce stores is that we engage with our customers on a one-to-one basis and offer the kind of products nobody else does.”

Now, this one success story which is rare, unique and inspiring.

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