18 Year Old Digital Influencer Sam Jacobs Is One You Must Follow


Modern marketing strategies are all about influencing the audience. Marketers harness the power of opinions and knowledge of experts, peer groups, and social media users to reach out to the relevant target audience. But not every marketer can be an influencer. To be able to inspire, influence, and motivate millions, it takes in-depth awareness and understanding of how the digitally-savvy user behaves. As fascinating and rewarding it is, influencer marketing is no less than a full-time job and requires serious dedication, understanding, and effort.

Meet Samuel Jacobs, or Sam, as he is known in the business fraternity. The 18-year old entrepreneur is recognized as the CEO of Uprise Education and owner of a series of online e-commerce stores. At this very young age, Sam has already established himself as a prominent digital influencer and helps businesses with trending marketing strategies and personal branding.

Born and raised in New York, Sam possessed the entrepreneurial spirit since he was a child. It started with selling simple items to his schoolmates. Gradually, he realized the missing links in the current education system. He soon dropped out and sought avenues to realize his passion for business. That was when he came across dropshipping on Shopify. He created his online store and website and built his inventory of sellable products, which he would ship around the world. After a year of hard work and dedicated marketing exercises, he yielded a $1.5 million in e-commerce revenue. Along with making millions in e-commerce, he reached out to hundreds and thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs like him and showed them the path to success.

Being location-neutral, Sam travels, works and mentors people, and shares his knowledge and entrepreneurial experience with those who seek. In less than two years he has built a brand name for himself, garnered a following of nearly 100,000 followers on social media, and become a face of marketing mentorship. He has traveled across the United States to speak at prominent marketing events and got featured in leading publications. In March 2019, he single-handedly sold out an event in New York City, hosting an audience of 250 people over a month, where he shared his ideas on how to create an income stream from online businesses.

He lives the simple principle of positivity and emphasizes on the right environment as that the secret to great business output. Endorsed by personalities like Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez, and more such celebrity business figures, Sam believes,

“Surrounding yourself with the right people will allow you to break out of your inner self and get into the grind mode.”

A rising star in the online business fraternity, Samuel Jacobs has found his calling in redefining the prevailing perception of entrepreneurship and influencing business aspirants with his personalized techniques of marketing and branding.

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