18 Unhealthy Ways To Lose Weight

Neha Ghosh

How can I lose weight fast? This is the question most people ask when they are trying to lose weight. There are plenty of ways to help you lose weight fast, but most of them are unhealthy and ineffective ways, hence they can lead to serious health consequences. In this article, we will talk about unhealthy weight loss tips that you should ignore.

Most people blindly follow fad diets, starve or go for detox diets not knowing that they may lead to serious health problems. Surely, these are quick ways to lose weight, but will not last in the long run.

There are many quick weight loss strategies that can leave you feeling sick and miserable and will not have lasting results. So, here we uncover the unhealthiest ways to lose weight.

1. Juice cleanse

Going on a juice-only diet will not help in weight loss because you will not lose fat but only water weight and muscle mass. Juicing contains no protein, but only some nutrients depending on what fruits and vegetable juice you are drinking. While juice-only diets may help you lose weight fast in the short-term, but in the long-term, your body will be devoid of many important micronutrients and macronutrients.

2. Low-fat diet

Going on a low-fat diet for losing weight is a bad idea. Consuming healthy fats will keep you satiated, which means you feel full for a longer period of time and that prevents you from overeating. Low-fat diets lead to hormonal imbalance, higher risk of diabetes, poor heart health and brain function [1].

3. Low-carb diet

Low-carb diet is a diet that mainly focuses on proteins, fish, eggs, poultry and non-starchy vegetables and excludes legumes, fruits, bread, sweets and whole grains. Carbs are needed for providing the body with energy and when you suddenly cut it down from your diet, it may lead to health problems like bad breath, weakness, headache, fatigue, and skin rash and ultimately it won't help in weight loss [1].

4. Skipping meals

Skipping your breakfast, lunch or dinner is surely an easy way to cut down your calorie intake, but it may actually lead to binge eating. Skipping a meal makes you more hungry and makes you eat more than usual. As per a study, skipping breakfast does not reduce overeating and prevent weight gain [2].

5.Cutting down food groups

Cutting down an entire food group is a diet mistake that most people make. Eliminating food groups from your diet will increase the risk of nutrient deficiencies due to the lack of essential vitamins and minerals from your diet and eventually you will crave for foods that you like eating.

6. Crash diets

Crash diet is a quick weight loss dieting strategy to lose weight in less time. Some examples of crash diets are chicken soup diet, cabbage soup diet, grapefruit diet, juice cleanse diet and so on. Following a crash diet will lead to rapid weight loss for short-term, but in the long-term it will lead to an increase in weight gain, weaken your immune system and increase the risk of dehydration.

7. Drinking diet soda

Diet sodas are popular among weight-conscious people who want to lower their sugar or calorie intake. But, these diet sodas are filled with artificial sweeteners and drinking high amounts of them will increase the risk of obesity and metabolic syndrome [3].

8. Eating excess protein

Going on an all-protein diet isn't a good way to lose weight because your body needs other vitamins and minerals to survive and also it elevates the risk of heart disease. High-protein diets include foods such as full-fat dairy products, red meat, nuts and fish [4].

9. Starving

If you think that starving yourself is the best way to lose weight then it's wrong, because you may lose weight but you will lose muscle mass and have a low metabolism at the same time. Your body will be devoid of enough amount of nutrients that are needed to satisfy your hunger and fuel your body with energy.

10. Working out on empty stomach

Never exercise on an empty stomach to lose weight. When you hit the gym without fuelling up your body, you are more likely to burn excess muscle mass than body fat.

11. Exercising for long hours

Exercising surely helps in weight loss, but when you overexercise you are more likely to feel hungry and you will eat more. In this way you will not be able to lose weight and also you will feel more tired. Also overexercising can lead to heart and mental health issues.

12. Consuming flavoured yogurt

Yogurt is brimming with probiotics which help in keeping your gut healthy. But choosing the wrong type of yogurt such as flavoured yogurt can be a bad choice for losing weight. Flavoured yogurt contains more sweet as compared to natural plain yogurt.

13. Having supplements

Weight loss pills promises a quick and easy way to lose weight. However, these pills suppress your appetite and speed up metabolism which can eventually lead to high blood pressure and heart problems.

14. Raw food diet

Going on a raw food diet isn't the best way to lose weight. Some raw foods when cooked releases essential nutrients which can help in long-term weight loss. These foods include tomatoes, spinach, beans and carrots.

15. Focusing only on diet

If you are planning to lose weight, both eating a well-balanced diet and exercising goes hand in hand. Exercising is an important part when it comes to losing weight [5]. The weight loss strategy is 75% diet and 25% exercise.

16. Salads

Salads which consists of ingredients like lettuce, celery, radish, and cucumber topped with creamy chicken and shredded cheese is high in salt and fat. Remove the unhealthy salad dressing from the salad when you are on a weight loss diet.

17. Overeating after workout

Overeating after your workout is not a good way to lose weight because you are again piling up on calories after you have burnt some body fat at the gym. Instead, eat lean protein and healthy carbs in moderate amounts.

18. Eating a wrap or sandwich

Eating just a wrap or a sandwich for lunch or dinner will not help in weight loss as you will not feel satiated and you will feel hungry in the later part of the day. This will lead to overeating and eventually, you will not be able to lose weight.

To Conclude...

All these quick weight loss ways may help you lose weight only in for a short-term. When you return to your normal diet you will gain back more fat and less muscle mass. So, when you are on a weight loss diet, eat a healthy, well-balanced meal.

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