18 Years of Saathiya: Did You Know Yash Chopra Locked Rani Mukerji's Parents in His Office to Blackmail Her Into Doing the Film? (Watch Video)

Rajat Tripathi
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Saathiya turns 18 today. The romantic drama featuring Rani Mukerji and Vivek Oberoi in lead roles remains a timeless classic even today. Back in the days, the plot of the film was novel as other Bollywood love stories culminated with a wedding, this tale began with marriage. The music of the film is evergreen! And to think, Rani almost rejected the offer to star in this gem. Sometime back, in an interview, Rani had revealed how late Yash Chopra blackmailed her into working in Saathiya. Rani Mukerji: Learnt a Lot About Humanity by Doing Sensitive Films Like Black and Hichki.

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At an event, Rani had revealed that she turned down the role but late Yash Chopra coerced her, blackmailed even, into her doing the film. "My father-in-law Mr Yash Chopra called my parents to his office and he locked the door. And he said, 'You're not leaving this room until Rani does this film'. So, it was blackmail," Rani said in an interview as she laughed.

"At that time, I was foolish enough to say no to a brilliant role like Suhani Sharma. But, I'm glad that Yash uncle locked my parents into the room and gave us no choice but say yes to the film. But I am so glad that he did it, that is why they say legends are legends," Rani concluded. Vivek Oberoi Recreates O Humdum Suniyo Re's Bike Ride as Saathiya Clocks 18 Years (Watch Video).

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Watch Rani Talk About The Moment Here:

Well, we are glad that Mr Yash Chopra had such persuasive powers! A few years after Saathiya, Rani married Aditya Chopra, Mr Yash's son.

Earlier today, Vivek Oberoi recreated his entry scene from the movie. He rode a bike in Mumbai just like his character did in the film, as "O Humdum Suniyo Re" played!