1Sanitizer is giving away free hand sanitizers


During this COVID-19 pandemic where you can’t even find hand sanitizers by paying double price, this initiative is offering it for free.

1Sanitizer is a collective project by over 300 entrepreneurs, medical students and individual from around the world. According to the interview, the company is shipping free hand sanitizers to all the countries including; China, India, Canada, United Kingdom, Thailand, Singapore. Shipping and handling cost is covered by the company as well.

The product is available in Alcohol-based and Non-Alcohol variants. The fragrance is very mild and the product is non-sticky as per the test results.

The product is currently sent in batches as per the registration for each city to reduce the transportation cost. Once the batches sent to a city, the local volunteers then distribute the products at doorsteps.

1Sanitizer is currently offering a 100ML bottle for individuals and 500ML bottles for educational institutes / NGOs.

Get your hand sanitizer for free at https://1sanitizer.com

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