This 2.0 actor is CLUELESS about the sci-fi film’s release

karthika raveendran
Nobody knowns when 2.0 will release, including 2.0 actor.

2.0, a sci- fi film that once had fans super excited over its release has now left fans confused. The audience is not be blamed really because the makers of the movie just can’t seem to finalise the release date! For the third time, the film was recently pushed from April 27th. What buffers the disappointment is that, Kaala Karikaalan has taken over the same date. So, fans have a reason to be excited again! This quandary over the release date has left stars part of the film, clueless as well. Recently when a fan asked this actor when his mvoie would release, his reply was  ‘No idea’ But he was quick to add that it not ‘his’ movie but Rajinikanth’s’. The atcor in question is Adil Hussain who is all part of this sci-fi adventure.

We recently revealed to you how Shankar and Lyca Productions had a major fall out owing to movie’s prolonged editing process that led to the film not meeting deadlines for three release dates. It was after Rajinikanth intervened that the issue was sorted out. He compensated Lyca’s losses by collaborating with them for Kala Karikaalan. In that sense, the 27th April release date is not entirely a loss for this Production House.

2.0 might be regarded as the sequel to Enthian but the film follows a brand new plot. The movie will have Rajinikanth return as Dr Vaseegaran and Chitti the Robot, and will have Akshay Kumar in a whole new avatar. The movie also stars Amy Jackson who will play a droid in the movie. The film is being made in 3D and promises out of the world stunts that are on par with Hollywood action movies. Here’s hoping the delay is more than worth it.

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