2.0: The Rajinikanth Starrer Becomes An Ocean Of Memes As Fans Share Hilarious Tweets!

Vinod Dsouza

Superstar Rajinikanth starrer 2.0 has been at the receiving end of memes as fans share hilarious and funny tweets from the movie that will make you laugh out loud. The crow and the mobile phones have become a target of the trolls since the day of its release and with each passing day we're seeing new memes that are so creative and funny. We guess director Shankar didn't see this coming! Check out the latest memes about 2.0 below...

This Is Beyond Science

So Rajinikanth aka Dr. Vaseegaran will now solve the most common question in everyone's minds, which is - How to lose weight without diet and exercise. Of course, 'This is beyond science' but Rajinikanth has a solution for everything, not to worry!

Raju From Hera Pheri Becomes A Crow!

Our very own Raju from Hera Pheri seems to have turned into a crow as his dreams of becoming a millionaire have not come true. Sad!

Kids, They Grow Up So Fast

Well well, this meme speaks for itself as 'Only the 90s kids will understand'. This is indeed a meme inside a meme.

The Crow & The Tower

Gone are the days about the story of how a crow put stones in a pot to drink water, now it's all about the crow and the mobile tower story.

Akshay Kumar's Avatar

It was good seeing Akshay Kumar as a normal person and all of a sudden he's turned into something else! Life, we tell you can make anything out of anyone!

Akshay Kumar Fans!

Akshay Kumar fans had a hard time spotting him as a normal person on the silver screen and we guess some don't even know that he turned into a crow. It happened so fast!

2.0 Vs Baahubali

The 2.0 Vs Baahubali memes will never die and will remain until the Internet dies someday, which is, of course, never!

Haters, Please Take Notice!

This user points out to all the haters out there that no matter how much fun they make of Rajinikanth's 2.0, the movie will always shine brightly at the box office.

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