2019's Design Trends with Staying Power

2019's Design Trends with Staying Power

As we head into a new decade, we look back at some of 2019’s top colour, material and interior design styles that are most likely to influence trends in the coming months.

Cane and Bamboo
Anyone who’s been paying attention will know that bamboo and cane are the materials of the moment. From Maison & Objet and Milan Design Week to Raw Collaborative, wicker work has woven its way across this year’s major design shows. This Seventies staple, favoured for its practical and sustainable features, is taking on sculptural forms that are functional to boot. Channelling a rich-bohemian vibe, they pair well with modern and traditional styles. Some homegrown artisan-based labels to watch are bamboo design brand Mianzi (pictured below), design studio P.O.D (Pieces of Desire) and furniture company Magari.

As the world spins into a tizzy, PANTONE’s Color of the Year 2020 seems only logical. Classic Blue is a deep shade of the colour that’s said to evoke a sense of calm and reassurance. Similar tones have been subtly washing over interiors and product design in recent months. Deep blue is a dependable neutral that complements pastels and jewel tones alike – and can hold its own when desired. Pictured below, a living room setting by concept store Maison 15.

The Grandmillennial Style
Attention lovers of needlepoint, chintz and wicker! It’s time to step out of the shadows. Your granny-chic aesthetic now has a name and it's taking over home interiors, multiple layers upon ruffled layers at a time. The Grandmillenial style, christened by House Beautiful's Emma Bazilian, blends classic design elements with a contemporary edge. Imagine clean-lined furniture and modern art coexisting with natural fibre rugs, pleated and scalloped details, treillage and chinoiserie prints. Go ahead and mix it up.

For many a millennial, houseplants seem to be a way to calm anxieties over the current climate crisis. This coupled with a rapid growth in the built urban environment has led to a spike in the number of plant parents. From succulents to the fiddle-leaf fig to the iconic monstera, it’s almost impossible to scroll through The Gram without stumbling upon at least one plant-proud post. And we can see why... Plants are an effective way to layer and liven a space, seamlessly connect the indoors and outdoors and feel great (physically and mentally) while you’re at it!

Once reserved for special occasions, velvet is now an everyday material featured across furniture, furnishings and even accessories. Thanks to a variety of mixed blends that are spill-proof and more durable than ever, velvet is preferred over microfiber and leather. Moreover, it's available in a plethora of finishes — from crushed to deep pile. Its luxurious, tactile appeal makes it a winner in minimalist and maximalist settings. The curvaceous Fasalt swivel armchair by IKEA drifts from the Swedish company’s trademark minimalist sensibilities. The Velvet Edit by luxury lifestyle label Good Earth is a delicious online curation of the material across multiple ranges. Then there's the Vann collection, by interiors brand Cottons and Satins, which celebrates nature with bold animal prints and floral motifs on lush silks and velvets.  

Count on the Venetians to turn something as dull as concrete into slurp-worthy goodness. Terrazzo's appeal lies in its mesmerizing speckles and endless design variations. It has come a long way from its supporting role as a reliable surface cladding to stealing the show altogether. Today, terrazzo features as signature surfaces such as the spa-like bathroom by Bharat Floorings pictured below, as furniture like this custom-designed bar table by Studio Nishita Kamdar, as well as statement homeware by brands like The Label Life.