2021 Tarot Reading

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Having spent most of the past year indoors, trying to adjust to a new trend of working from home, it may be an understatement that 2020 has been a tough year for us all. But still we persist, we adapt and we emerge stronger. We have come too far to stop now. So let’s power through and continue doing what we love.

The tarot cards work as a guidance tool to help you face what the year 2021 has in store for you. It will give you more confidence to take the right decision in every situation after reading what has been ‘revealed’ for your Sun sign by the divinatory forces. The Tarot 2021 horoscope will give an overview of what your year looks like, such that, you can plan the coming months accordingly.

So, keep your attitude positive and do what you love.

Check out what tarot predictions for the year 2021 say about your zodiac sign.

2021 Aries Tarot Predictions

For the year 2021, The Emperor is your major card, Aries. The Emperor represents structure, stability, knowledge and expertise. So you know what strengths to draw from to be productive and successful this year. At the same time, don’t let the year be all work and no fun. While you work hard, you often tend to get too engrossed in your career, and let family time and fun activities go amiss. Since this year can be a fruitful time for those of you wishing for parenthood, do take out time for relationships too. Read more

2021 Taurus Tarot Predictions

With lots of Major Arcana cards coming up for you, gear yourself up for some major changes in your life this year.

You have The World at your feet, Taureans. With this as your major card for 2021, there is nothing you can’t accomplish if you set your mind to it. You will soon be able to enjoy and celebrate all the hard work you’ve put in. Things could finally be falling into place for you, so buckle up for the last lap. Hold high the feeling of wholeness and success within you. Read more

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2021 Gemini Tarot Predictions

Just like our beliefs and virtues form the basis of our personality, a strong foundation can give our life the right structure. The Major Arcana card, The Tower, could bring with it some ‘unexpected’ news for you this year, helping you break free of any illusions or false beliefs. You can rebuild and rebuild stronger this time ‘round. For those of you looking for a fresh start, to break free of something that wasn’t working out, 2021 is your year to shine.

The Four of Wands often denotes a project coming to a completion, so for you workaholics out there, before jumping into a new project, it is finally time to take a breather and make time for celebrations. Read more

2021 Cancer Tarot Predictions

Your empathic, caring and sensitive nature are often your biggest strengths. While most often you’re on the giving end in any relationship, the Lovers card is a reminder to not ignore or negate your own feelings. Self-love is much needed for you this year. Cancerians can also be faced with a major decision when it comes to their love life and relationships. Keep your heart open and let your intuition be your guide; for any relationship to progress, trust is the key.

It’s time to buckle up, and prepare for a new adventure this year. Be bold, be courageous, and have a little faith as you get the opportunity to start something new when it comes to your career. Read more

2021 Leo Tarot Predictions

For you Leo, The Emperor, is quite an accurate description. You’re reliable, action-oriented, ambitious, and persistent, once you set your mind to something. But with your stability and structure, often comes a need to be in control. You may come off as stoic and stubborn, even though your intentions are good. Let others see that your heart is at the right place by being more emotionally expressive and connecting to those close to you.

For those of you looking for a new career, you could get a new opportunity this year. Do allow your intuitive skills and your intellect to come to your rescue. 2021 is also a good time for those of you in the healing industry to take your career to new heights. Read more

2021 Virgo Tarot Predictions

With your pure heart, and a little bit of strength, patience and compassion, you can do wonders this year, Virgo. You have a fire burning within you, whether you realise it or not. And this is what pushes you to work as hard and as meticulously as you do. But make sure to not let this fire turn into aggression. Showing your sensitive side does not mean being weak or vulnerable. Instil calmness and composure in your heart, and let these guide you towards your goals. Sometimes, things need a little nudge, a graceful approach.

Your strength and confidence will pay off, especially when it comes to your career. Your Minor Arcana brings victories, successes and recognition when it comes to your hard work and efforts. Read more

2021 Libra Tarot Predictions

Your diplomatic and indecisive nature can often make you unaware of your darker side. You can either run from it, or learn from it; the choice is all yours. These may be constraints you are putting on yourself or that are being put on you by external factors, but either way, these are only holding you back from reaching your true potential. While you are free to heal in darkness, you need to be open to accepting the truth and facing facts. This could be the first step to breaking free of any restraints and becoming liberated.

Getting Pentacles/Money for your career spread is probably as good as it can get for you, Libra. But the Two of Pentacles also represents juggling between two jobs or confusion between two career choices.Read more

2021 Scorpio Tarot Predictions

This year, Scorpio, the world is your audience and you have the stage to create magic for yourself! You’ve got a reservoir of potential, so tap into that and make things happen for you. You’ve got Magician as your Major Arcana card, and this powerful card is a reminder to you that you’ve got what it takes to turn the world to suit yourself and set it on the path you want to walk on.

In the hustle-bustle of work pressure and reaching deadlines, you may be wearing out yourself. Give yourself time to slow down and heal. If you continue to push yourself too hard, you may end up burning out, and that won’t do your performance any good. Make sure to give yourself adequate free time in-between work and assignments. Read more

2021 Sagittarius Tarot Predictions

Known for your intellect and free spirit, you are someone who people come to, for advice and guidance! But, every now and then, its also good to turn this around and take help and support from your loved ones. Even the best of us need help from time to time.

Since The Hierophant is also a major card for education, for those of you looking to pursue higher education or looking for jobs in the education sector, 2021 could bring good news. Read more

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2021 Capricorn Tarot Predictions

Capricorns are known for their discipline, self-control and ambition in the zodiac circle. But with this overly organised and practical nature, comes a tendency to be pessimistic. So, if you feel a bit stuck or that things are not going your way, it could be due to your unwillingness to admit or accept something. You may not be being true to yourself or to someone else, and that may be holding you back from progressing. The Major Arcana card, Moon, can also represent outside interference or control, so be sure to surround yourself with those you trust.

You have worked hard, you have put in the time and effort to get where you are, and this year your cards show exactly that, Capricorn. You will be appreciated and recognised for all your hard work, and now is a time for success and celebrations for you. Read more

2021 Aquarius Tarot Predictions

M- Tower If you want change, you may have to invite chaos. You could feel like a rug is being pulled from under your feet, but with this unexpected change, comes the opportunity to explore and finding yourself. Use this time to challenge those beliefs and values that haven’t been serving you well. Instead of resisting this change, embrace it as an opportunity to start again and rebuild stronger and sturdier this time round. Follow the three Rs- re-evaluate, re-align, and re-establish.

Everything may not be as it seems. Your nonconformist, offbeat, and unusual ideas and attitudes could be your major strengths when it comes to your career, Aquarius. Your free-spirited, creative and innovative nature, at its core, is guided by your strong instincts and intuition. So put your gut feeling first. Listen to what your inner voice is telling you and let that be your guide. Read more

2021 Pisces Tarot Predictions

You are guided by many Major Arcana cards this year, suggesting that big changes and choices will be faced by you in 2021.

The New Year seems to be bringing new opportunities and a new beginning, quite literally, for you Pisces. The Fool represents the onset of a new journey, taking chance and finding the courage within you to take a step ahead into the unknown path. You may not know where you are headed just yet, but with an open mind and a dab of commitment, you will be able to see the changes in your life soon. While The Fool is a reminder to take action and make the time count, avoid rushing in blindly into situations without consulting a loved one. Read more

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