Photography has become an essential way we portray the world. Seen as the ideal way to help explain complex ideas that are not easily solved without a visual cue, images let us understand subjects that might otherwise be beyond our grasp. That’s why so many different photo exhibitions take place worldwide. One of the most notable exhibitions we caught was “The 2084” that was held on December 10 at the Van Der Plas Gallery in New York, it saw an unprecedented attendance with hundreds of people coming to see it.

Fronted and directed by the talented model Ria Serebryakova, with the help of her team, this brilliant project was based on the environment. “The 2084”, inspired by George Orwell’s prophetic book 1984, is trying to open the eyes of many to the multifaceted problem of plastic pollution. Ria pushed to create an eye-catching art exhibit that would show two sides of the matter: the beneficial role of plastic in our development and the harsh consequences of plastic pollution.

The exhibition that was chronicled at the2084.com showed what we could face as a species in our near future. For Ria, it was her aim to use her wide-reaching profile to try and encourage others to better understand the problem and take meaningful actions.

In the past, Ria has appeared in advertising campaigns for the likes of L’Oreal and Ray-Ban. She’s also worked alongside major actors, such as Finn Wolfhard and Noah Schnapp, on a “Stranger Things” themed photoshoot with Harper’s Bazaar. A popular name within the modeling industry, she has been featured in editorials like the New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

Her work with “The 2084” could be the most critical work that she has taken on yet. Reducing plastic pollution and environmental damage has to be something taken on from all sides – those in the industry alone cannot stop the issue.

Many people are unaware of all the nuances of this problem. We don’t often get to see the front and center the kind of consequences that our polluting habits could be having on the world. Through “The 2084”, though, images are used to starkly show us what the future will look like if we don’t solve this problem.

It’s a fantastic experience for anyone looking to learn more about plastic and our future. For Ria Serebryakova, the goal was simple: to make people more aware of the need for thoughtful action. The longer we wait, the more serious the damage is likely to become. That’s why so many who have come to the exhibition in New York or saw it online have left with a renewed desire to learn more about plastic pollution.

Thanks to the “The 2084” project, more people saw the problem of plastic in a new light.

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