21 Year Old Entrepreneurial Powerhouse Ilija Zubiks Shares His 4 Step Process for Success

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“Do what others won’t today, so you can live like others can’t tomorrow”. These are words to live by for 21 year old entrepreneur Ilija Zubiks who started his business at only 18 years of age. Born and raised in Germany, this multifaceted businessman has success down to a science with his 4 step process to achieving your goals and flourishing in all areas of life. Ilija has dedicated his time to coaching others to find the right mindset and tools required to reach their highest potential and he’s here to share his secrets for thriving in entrepreneurship with the world.

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Ilija started out with his first employment working in a warehouse which planted the seed of discontent for working a 9-5 job, and ultimately grew into his motivation to pursue entrepreneurship.

“Working at that job was the first time I realized that I don't want to spend my whole life working for someone else. I did not want that for my future,” says Ilija.

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Ilija draws inspiration from the idea of doing what’s difficult and not necessarily what an average person in their early 20’s is doing right now, so that 10 years from now, he can reap the benefits of his hard work and live the way he always envisioned for himself.

With that philosophy in mind, Ilija created his business called Empire in 2018 and is currently a trader and mentor in the financial markets. He has built a large and constantly growing team of individuals who are passionate about creating freedom for themselves through multiple sources of income and a progressive mindset.

When discussing the concept behind Empire, Ilija says:

“We help people gain knowledge about trading foreign exchange, cryptocurrencies and other investments and learn to use this skill independently without the help of the business. We also focus on creating the right mindset amongst our team, not only for business but for life. Essentially we’re helping people to create a vision for themselves, learning a valuable skill and changing their way of thinking with the right mentors along the way.”

To date, Ilija has grown his team to over 2000 individuals and counting, spread in countries all across Europe, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal to name a few.

In addition to the tools required to become a successful trader in the financial markets, Ilija has created a four step plan to help his team achieve their own goals personally and in business, faster and more efficiently:

Step one: Make a decision. “You have to first decide that you want to make a change, not only in terms of business and income, but in your life - your routine, your way of thinking and looking at things.”

Step two: Make a plan. “Once you’ve decided on exactly who you want to be, create a plan of what you must do every day to become this person and reach this goal you set in the beginning.”

Step three: Go all in. “It takes a lot of sacrifice in the beginning to become this person, but if you prioritize your business or your goals over everything else and put it all on the line, you will get there.”

Step Four: Minimize distractions. “This is the biggest step. Distractions are the biggest killers of dreams. You have to stay focused. There will be people who are against you in your journey but ignoring the outside noise and continuing to make choices to do what will take you to the next level instead of what everyone else is doing, is key to constant progression towards your goals.”

As a motivational speaker, a large part of Ilija’s focus is placed on coaching and inspiring others to help get them into the right mindset for success. In order to be a mentor and provide people with knowledge worth investing in, Ilija looked internally to become the best possible version of himself and is now more than qualified to teach others to follow in this path.

“An obstacle in entrepreneurship and network marketing is you get a lot of no’s, a lot of people who don’t understand what you’re doing in the beginning - and I realized to really instill your vision in others or make them understand the value you’re bringing to the table, you have to change yourself first. You have to make sure you’re operating at your highest level before you can help others do the same and create that shift in their mindsets to want to learn new skills and work with you in your business,” says Ilija.

Throughout his journey in entrepreneurship, Ilija experienced criticism from the people around him for his desire to go against the grain to pursue an unconventional career. As Ilija says, being surrounded by people who are “only living for the weekend” or don’t have the same type of goals and vision as you can really hinder your progress. Ilija did not allow this to deter him and he learned to separate himself to elevate his business and achieve the levels of success he has reached today, that some may only dream of.

Ilija encourages all of us to make the decision to make a change that will impact us for the better not only in our income-generating capacities but our entire lives. As a highly successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker, Ilija leaves us with this reminder on working hard today to have the life we want tomorrow:

“When you make the decision to go all in with what you’re passionate about, the right thoughts begin to come naturally as you start to do the things that align with your goals everyday. When I went all in with my business, I started to think bigger much faster - when I started to think about who I can be, what I can become, it gave me the inspiration to make it happen. I visualize this person everyday, and when you visualize it, it will give you the belief to become it.”

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