How 21-Year-Old Jacub Sanderson Is Disrupting The Marketing Industry

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Where people in their 20’s are still striving to find their passions and set their footing in the world, Jacub Sanderson, a 21-year-old entrepreneur, has taken a giant stride towards disrupting the marketing industry. It is no news that the marketing arena can be the most challenging and to pave a path against the tide is not something every other entrepreneur out there is capable of. It is a known fact that the needs of the marketing industry are always evolving, and as of 2021 it has become more customer-centric, pushing the business people to come up with newer, better, and affordable services and products.

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Sanderson aims to help businesses and upcoming creators reach larger audiences on social media. Sanderson has managed to attract over 20 million followers on Instagram alone. Jacub uses social media as a tool to get eyes on creators and products. Abiding by his beliefs, Sanderson actively shares his professional details with his personal brands audience.

Sanderson exclaims that initially, all the attention and work stress was intimidating for him as he was still in high school (16 years old) when he started his entrepreneurial journey. He would spend his class time communicating online and working on growing his network. He started looking at social media a little differently, and ultimately saw the potential it had to launch businesses and careers. This is when he wished to be a part of this realm and help people who want to expand their audience and reach new customers. In the near future, he wishes to spread awareness and not go the traditional route of marketing, along with helping businesses and creators grow an organic audience that will set them up for long-term success.

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Sanderson diligently believes that Social media is where everybody's attention is nowadays and it has the ability to make or break a business. So in order to achieve the former, he is set out on a journey to achieve success not only for himself but also for his clients and customers, meanwhile disrupting the industry with his unique and fresh tips & tricks.