22 small ways to save money without realising it

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From Cosmopolitan UK

1. Get into the routine of doing a weekly/monthly shop instead of popping out 'as and when'.

2. Cook your favourite dishes in bulk so you can freeze and defrost another night. Why buy ready meals when you can make your own?

3. Don't be ashamed to be THAT GUY hanging around the reduced section until the 'nice stuff' gets reduced. Freeze your bargains and eat like a champ for a fraction of the cost.

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4. Don't kid yourself you'll put 'whatever's left' into savings at the end of the month. You won't. Arrange an automatic transfer from your account to your savings on pay day so the money is saved instantly.

5. Always compare prices. Use sites like Compare The Market and USwitch to make sure you're getting the best deal on new buys - and find out if you can switch things like energy providers to pay less on your existing bills.

6. Use the wonder of eBay. Whether you're looking for a new Topshop top on the cheap, or you want to sell the stuff you no longer wear, eBay is a gem. The app makes it easier than ever to list your items and turn them into cash!

7. Make a packed lunch. Sure, it's not as exciting as that faff-free shop-bought lunch but making your own salads and sarnies can save you about £20 a week!

8. Save your change and use those weird Coinstar machines you've probably never noticed in Sainsburys. It's amazing how quickly a pint glass of loose change becomes £30.

9. When you go food shopping, make a list and STICK TO IT. If that jumbo pack of biscuits wasn't on your list, chances are you'll survive without it.

10. Use YouTube instead and save on pesky gym fees. There are tonnes of workouts available for free - just search what you're looking for! We love AJ Odudu's amazing vids.

11. Go for dinner at BYOB restaurants. Or y'know, pack an illicit hipflask. Depends how badass you are, really.

12. Do your refunds immediately instead of procrastinating until it's too late. And if you haven't worn something within 10 days of buying it, refund that too.

13. Have a night in with friends instead of a night out. Shop-bought booze and Netflix is WAY cheaper than a night in a bar.

14. Don't fall for 2 for 1-type food deals unless it's something you can freeze or has a really long shelf life.

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Photo credit: Giphy

15. Withdraw yourself a cash limit for the week and get a friend to hide your debit card. You'll still have enough money, but overspending will be out of the question.

16. Make sure you know all of the benefits your employer provides and take advantage of things like eye test vouchers to discounted gym deals. Every little helps.

17. Decide on a coin and 'collect' it instead of spending it. Those 50p pieces will quickly add up!

18. Get your hair did for free. Find out if any beauty colleges near you offer student appointments. Sure, there'll be an element of risk, but fortune favours the brave...

19. Give up expensive habits. Whether that's cigarettes or nightly Krispy Kremes: muster the courage to ditch your habits and you'll reap the banking benefits.

20. Delete your credit cards from your online shopping accounts. One small click can mean one giant saving for your finances.

21. Get excited about food. In most cases, cooking something amazing in your own kitchen will be way cheaper than restaurant prices. Here are some easy dinner recipes to get you started!

22. Learn how to make your favourite restaurant recipes, too. There's a reason they sell Nando's sauces in Tesco, y'know.

Photo credit: Giphy
Photo credit: Giphy

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