A 24-Year-Old Woman From Bhopal Turns To Court After Being Defeated At Ludo By Her Father

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In March-end, when the lockdown was announced on a pan-India basis, everyone went back to their long lost hobbies. Students learnt new skills, flaunted their certificates on social media, fretted about their exams, placements and a lot more.

In the backdrop of the COVID-19 and other scares, people came up with different ideas to ward off boredom and stress. Remember, the Dalgona coffee trend? I’m sure you do. While people were distances apart, one activity that kept everyone united was none other than our childhood favourite, Ludo.

Reportedly, Ludo became the most popular game during the lockdown. While there are hundreds of variants available on the Play Store and App Store, Ludo King became a king in its true sense during the lockdown.

Ludo King’s creator, Mr. Vikash Jaiswal, reported that the total number of daily active users (who play regularly) peaked at 251 million during May. Before the lockdown, this number was at 15 million. I’m not surprised. Are you?

When it comes to playing games, be it offline or online, fair play and the ability to accept the defeat is a pivotal part of gaming ethics. However, a serious yet bizarre matter has been reported where a young woman turned to family court after being beaten at Ludo by her father.

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What Exactly Happened?

Like most of us during the lockdown, a 24-year-old woman from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, along with her siblings and father, used to play the popular Ludo game. After losing a game to her father, she developed resentment against him, which deepened over time.

She did not discuss her feelings with the family and rather approached the family court for counselling on this matter. The matter was presented in front of Ms. Sarita Rajani, family court counsellor, Bhopal.

Ms. Sarita Rajani, family court counsellor, Bhopal
Ms. Sarita Rajani, family court counsellor, Bhopal

A 24-year-old young woman had come to us and said that when she was playing Ludo with her siblings and father, her father killed her tokens (goti) and she felt it was a breach of trust. She said she had trusted her father a lot and didn`t expect to be defeated by him,” said the court counsellor.

According to her, the woman was defeated by her father several times and her anger increased to the extent that she had stopped addressing him as her father. So far, she has been counselled four times at the court and has shown some improvement in her behaviour.

Nowadays, children are unable to endure defeat which is why such cases come up. They need to learn to accept defeat which is as important as winning. People have high expectations from family members and if there is a slight shortcoming, it causes tensions,” the counsellor further added.

It is high time that we start sensitizing ourselves and people around us on such issues. Additionally, opting for counselling as opposed to ignorance or anger is a step in the right direction when it comes to behavioural issues.

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