$25 lottery launched with ‘Presidential jumbo jet’ as prize! Then Twitter turned it into meme

FE Online

A jumbo jet is up for grabs, and that too at $25 only! Mexico President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is raffling off his Presidential Plane, which he believes is too luxurious and can be sold to help poor. The idea to raffle off the Boeing 787 Dreamliner came after López Obrador failed to sell it, which was his first preference. Around a year ago, the Mexican President floated the idea of selling the Presidential plane but found no buyers.

The plane was kept at US airstrips and Mexico had to shell out $1.5 million as maintenance cost, and this upset President Obrador who wanted to sell the plane off and utilize the money in a more productive way.

Last week, President Obrador announced that he would raffle off the plane which he had not used for a year. At his daily news conference Friday, the Mexican President said that there would be six million tickets and each one would be 500 pesos or around $25. The total money would be roughly $150 million and the winner would get one or two years to operate it. The plane was bought for $218 million around eight years ago.

Ever since the announcement was made on Friday, thousands have taken to Twitter to express their desire and what they think buying a Boeing Dreamliner would look like. As a result, #AvionPresidencial has become a new buzzword on Twitter.

Washington Post has reported that the Mexican government has enlisted the help of a UN technical-assistance agency to figure out the market value of the jumbo jet, which was initially set at $130 million. Raffling off the plane isn’t the only thing that López Obrador has tried to do to help the poor of his country. After coming to power in 2018, he, as per WP, turned the presidential residence into a museum and slashed salaries of senior officials. He also sold off official planes and started taking commercial flights for travel.