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As a kid, every time you would bust your knees or get a stomach ache, following simple Ayurvedic home remedies is what helped us recover from the pain instantly, like magic. And guess what, it always miraculously worked! Ayurveda holds the key to almost all our health conditions and it is just a matter of time until all the secrets are out and we have solutions to the various health problems. Nabhi Sutra is designed on this very aspect of Ayurveda – Treatment from the roots. Nabhi means Naval/ Belly Button and Sutra means Source. Hence, it means treatment through the source of our Nabhi.

Nabhi Sutra is India’s first brand offering you the perfect blend of Ayurvedic Oils that have various medical benefits that enhance our well-being and also heals us from within through our Navel. Talking to us about Nabhi Sutra, Mrs. Swati Vakharia, the proud founder and owner of the brand said, “According to the basic of Ayurveda, our body’s complete consciousness is in our navel which was originally the first source of connection after the inception of life in a womb. Nabhi contains the DNA of our soul and is the best source for transformation, also healing. Thus, it is very important that we regain our consciousness and cure all our conditions from the very roots. In today’s life, we follow a very unhealthy lifestyle, forcing our body to produce a lot of toxins which are very harmful to our health. Nabhi on the other hand, holds the power to activate our body’s inner strength and heal the body from within, reviving the lost harmony and getting rid of the accumulated toxins. In simpler words, it helps purify the body from within.”

Based on research and studies performed by the Indian Cancer Society of India, every year about 50,000 children are diagnosed with cancer. The primary reason to this condition is the increased amount of pollution in the air, unhealthy eating habits, decreased immunity and an increased number of infections and diseases around us. And children being absolutely novice and carefree, come into direct contact with these diseases and infections. Being a mother to a beautiful 3 year old, she was inspired to find a safe and absolutely herbal body healing remedy for not only the kids but also for everyone. And to her surprise, she found the solution in Ayurveda. Swati states, “The effect was absolutely magical and had no side-effect. Dr. Nikunj Mewada, an M.D Ayurveda Doctor, also my cousin gave me a thorough in-depth knowledge about the concept of Nabhi and the therapy followed through it. He steered and inspired me to make formulas using different essential oils for treating different health conditions. I used these herbal oil formulas on my little daughter, and surprisingly the results only inspired me to work further and make more combinations. And this is how Nabhi Sutra was born. ”

Before introducing Nabhi sutra to the world, Swati used these oils on herself and her friends, and the results have only amazed her. All you really need to do is just add 2-3 drops of the essential oil mixture into your navel before going to bed and allowing the oil to penetrate into your body by massaging your belly button softly in a clockwise motion. You will feel the difference only after 21 days of regularly using the herbal oil. Also, make sure that you are not allergic to any of the oils used in the formulation. NabhiSutra offers you solutions for your Skin, Acne, joint pain, hair, brain development and Menstrual pain. For more details and a look at the products offered, you can check the NabhiSutra website.

Ayurveda holds the magical key to cure almost all our health conditions.

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