3 Easy Hairstyles with Scrunchies

Nishtha Gupta
·1-min read

Scrunchy has become a part of every girl’s life. From wearing it on your wrist to tying a wild ponytail, we’ve done it all! Scrunchies are super soft and comfortable. But at times we all wonder what exactly can we do with our hair with a scrunchy other than just a simple ponytail! So today I bring you 3 easy hairstyles that you can make using your favourite scrunchy!

1) Messy Bun

Messy buns are a chic way of styling your hair. They look absolutely stunning and go with any look you carry. Scrunchies are mostly made of silk which is really good for your har health.

2) Half Top Knot

This hairdo is the sister of the very famous half high pony we all used to do in middle school. To give it a new and classy look, just tie up your pony into a sort of bun and leave the rest of the hair open. Scrunchies ensure no tangles in your hair, so it’s all cool!

3) Space Buns

Space buns are the new trendy way of doing your hair. These two cute buns on your head look very cool and even cute! Tying the up with scrunchies is easy and they’ll be stable for long.