3 Marketing Tips from Marketing Consultants Lok Hui Ping and Lok Hui Ching

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In the age of technology, advertising and marketing have been reimagined and given a facelift. With consumers migrating to online spaces, business owners are forced to find ways to meet them where they are. As such, the era has birthed terms like “digital marketing” and “online marketing coach.”

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Companies that wish to survive and thrive have adapted to these new technologies and transition to online channels. But for those that have not, Marketing Consultants and sisters Lok Hui Ching (Hui Ching) and Lok Hui Ping (Xannelle) offer their services to help.

The sisters who have been successful in the marketing industry, helping clients increase their income to six figures and multiply revenue, are a force to be reckoned with in the industry. They share tips on how companies can get the best from digital marketing.

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Differentiate Yourself from the Competition

Xannelle and Hui Ching have both been able to help their clients increase sales revenue by employing controversial and unorthodox strategies that differentiate them from the competition. “I help sales professionals attract high-paying clients by finding out their niche and unique selling point, without having to spend a huge amount of money on leads,” says Hui Ching. “Marketing to me is about daring to be different and going against what the market says.”

Track the Right Metrics

Tracking your digital marketing campaigns is more critical than ever before. Without data to back up your campaigns, you miss out on essential insights to maximize your efforts. The biggest problem in the digital marketing space is many people are deluded and track the wrong metrics to measure the success of their campaign or outreach method.

According to Hui Ching, one of the biggest fallacies is looking at the cost per lead instead of the actual cost of acquisition. “Cheap” or “low” cost per lead is just a cover-up of fake numbers and data. She highlights that it is essential to understand the metrics of a successful campaign. Although digital marketing is ever-evolving, the end goal is the same—to generate leads and create more conversions.

Take Action

Often, companies find themselves in the “paralysis by analysis” phase of planning, and the ideas never get off the ground. The sisters encourage their clients to take action to see the benefits of their marketing campaign. Xannelle shares, “I strongly believe experience is the best teacher. No amount of research, courses, books, and whatnot can prepare you for success if you choose not to take any risk. With so much information available on the internet, there definitely will be analysis paralysis if you read too much into everything.”

The Sisters are no strangers to success in marketing. Hui Ching, who has rubbed shoulders with entrepreneurs and marketing gurus such as Jay Abraham, Robert Kiyosaki, Julie Matthews, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Grant Cardone, has been able to help her clients grow from 4 figure to 6 figure months with these marketing tips.

Her Sister Xannelle has also had similar success helping clients uncover their unique selling point and gain confidence in charging what they are worth. This had enabled them to increase revenue by as much as five times the amount they were making before they started getting help from her.

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