3 women test Urban Decay's sex-proof mascara

Carly Cardellino
Photo credit: Ruben Chamorro

From Cosmopolitan UK

If you're a cult follower of Urban Decay's CEO, Wende Zomnir, then you've probably already seen a sneak peek of the Troublemaker mascara that she teased would be coming this fall.

Well, the wait is finally over. Cosmopolitan.com got the exclusive on the brand spankin' new, "sex-proof" mascara that promises to give you super-long and thick lashes (13.7 times the volume to be exact). It's set to launch in the States on 5th September on UrbanDecay.com, and although a UK launch date has not yet been confirmed, Urban Decay have told us it should be hitting our shores at the end of September.

Photo credit: Urban Decay

So, what allows you to get hot and heavy and still have flawless-looking lashes after you've finished? Its formula has two different types of black pigments that give the mascara its dark intensity - think: 50 shades of black - a combo of hollow silica and ultralight fibers amp up each lash's volume without weighing them down, vitamin E and panthenol keep your lashes hydrated and flexible, and polymers help the formula stay on so you don't end up with black remnants under your eyes post-hookup. Plus, the brush has tiny precision hooks on the ends to grab the lashes, fanning them out to give the illusion that you have a full-on fringe, even if you don't.

OK, OK, but does it actually work? In a word, yes. Don't believe me? Three women took the challenge, swiping on the mascara, doing the deed, and then immediately taking an after pic. Here's what they thought:

Troublemaker #1: Rij

Photo credit: Rijuta Argarwal

Her after thoughts: You know that moment when you’ve done your makeup and you’re ready to head out looking hot AF, and bae gives you that quickie-before-we-head-out-please vibe? Next thing you know, you’re fixing the smudged mascara that’s all over your face. Enter Urban Decay’s sex-proof mascara. Thankfully now, IDGAF about hitting the bed before I hit the bar, because I don’t have to redo my makeup - it literally didn't budge!

Troublemaker #2: Ali

Photo credit: Ali Drucker

Her after thoughts: I really liked this mascara as just a straight-up mascara, regardless of its sexual prowess. It didn't clump and gave me decently big volume. It definitely stood up to sweatier activities though. I can personally attest that it will not streak or flake even in warmer situations.

Troublemaker #3: Vane

Photo credit: Vane

Her after thoughts: Ommmmmmmmmgggggg, this mascara really is sex-proof, it's amazing! It was still on perfectly after and there was barely anything under my eyes. LOVE.

There ya have it, your new mascara must-have that won't budge in the bedroom ... or on a hot day during brunch.

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