30 Distinguished Hairstyles For Women Over 40 To Look Younger And Vibrant

Monika Khajuria

Being 40 is way less 'cooler' in our minds than it actually is. Just because you have turned 40 doesn't mean you do not get to create the oohs and aahs around the room with a sizzling hairstyle. Age is a funny little thing, isn't it? Whether we intend to or not, we get trapped by our age and what is 'age-appropriate'. And when we think 40s, we think more classy and poised hairdos and less fun and chic.

As we get older, our preferences change and so does our hairstyles. That absolutely does not mean that women over 40 have to go for hairstyles that are deemed suitable for older women. I mean if you like more laid-back hairstyles, good for you! But, you don't have to sport subtle and boring hairstyles just because you are in your 40s. In fact, there can never be a better age to experiment with your hair. Really! You are older, so you sort of know your style (through years of trials and errors, of course!) and you can go any length you want to without it causing a big debate in the family.

It is the time to throw away the hesitations and embrace your age with some fierce and spirited hairstyles. The 30 hairstyles we have listed for you below are just the inspiration you need. Choose your pick and make your 40s a piece of art!

1. The Classic Loose Curls

PC: Instagram/sankekingwood

Classic curls do not lose their charm no matter the age or time period. If you have hair hat mostly lay flat, the classic loose curls can add bounce and texture to your hair.

2. Sleek Layers

PC: Instagram/purstrandsalon_boca

If you are working professional with a job that can not let you extreme measures with your hair, why not keep it classy and chic with sleek layers. This is an ideal hairstyle for your workplace and also allows you the option to transition for a fun evening out after work hours. All you need to do is let the first layers frame your face and gather the rest of your hair in a nice ponytail or bun.

3. Feathered Layers

PC: Instagram/purstrandsalon_boca

A step further from the sleek layers, feathered layers take your hair game up a notch while keeping it fun and formal. For some colour play, add light caramel highlights in each layer.

4. Beach-Perfect Lob

PC: Instagram/gabrielasprettylocks

If a regular lob is too boring for you, you will love this beachy lob. This looks great on women of all ages and has a soft and sexy appeal to it.

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5. Tucked Pixie

PC: Instagram/gabrielasprettylocks

A clean, short and without-fuss hairstyle is perfect for a lady in her 40s. If you have got no apprehensions about the pixie cut, this is a great hairstyle for you. It manageable, trendy and would take a few years off your face.

6. Swooping Long Layers

PC: Instagram/gabrielasprettylocks

This is one of the most popular hairstyles for women over 40. When you are just not up for crazy hairstyles, opt for a medium-length cut and add long swooping layers to your hair. You can wear your hair open or tie it up in a bun or ponytail.

7. Curled Pixie

PC: Instagram/gabrielasprettylocks

Styling a pixie becomes more interesting when you have a lot of hair to play with. Using a thin curling wand, curl your pixie in small sections. The curls bouncing on your head add charisma to your look and make you look young and stylish.

8. Choppy Curled Bob

PC: Instagram/hairbysarahcornelius

This is the cutest and lesser-seen version of the bob. Once you curl your bob, you would never want it straight. What more awesome is that this hairstyle goes with every face shape.

9. Blown Out Long Hair

PC: Instagram/mirrormirrorsalonmh

The smooth blowout hair is a great option for ladies who want to keep their hair long and classic. This is a good option if you have an inverted triangle face shape. Simple, easy and long-lasting, this hairstyle ticks all the check-boxes for a straight hair geek.

10. Face-Framing Bob

PC: Instagram/mirrormirrorsalonmh

Face-framing bob with a swooping fringe uplifts your face and gives you a youthful look. Plenty of women in 40s are tilting towards this simple and elegant bob.

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11. Dimensional Pixie

PC: Instagram/mirrormirrorsalonmh

If you have loved yourself some highlights all your life 40s is not the time to stop your streak. This thick pixie with an array of shades adds dimension to your look and make it unique and attractive.

12. Fishtail Braid Updo

PC: Instagram/shawna.hines

If you want to be your perky self with a hairstyle that does not scream 40, try an updo. Try rocking your long hair in a fishtail braid updo. It gives you a youthful look while still making you look a wise and stunning lady.

13. Shoulder Length Tresses With Wavy Fringe

PC: Instagram/shawna.hines

Shoulder-length hair is great when you don't have too much time to style your hair. To make the look polishes, try curling your hair in loose waves and add a wavy fringe at the front for that flair.

14. Tapered And Textured Pixie

PC: Instagram/spinhair

Pixie that lays flat on your hair does nothing to lift your look and make you look younger than you actually are. But a tapered pixie with a textured mess is another ballgame altogether.

15. Voluminous Asymmetric Pixie

PC: Instagram/dani.thehairwizard

Deep side parting and asymmetrical pixie are two individual elements that look astonishing. Combine them both and you have a hairstyle that is textured, feminine, soft and perfect for a boss-lady over 40.

16. Smooth Lob For Thin Hair

PC: Instagram/dani.thehairwizard

Styling thin hair can give us nightmares. We are often reluctant to go for a haircut for the fear of losing any more volume. This incredibly sophisticated smooth lob is perfect to ward off all of your fears.

17. The Blazing Pixie

PC: Instagram/emilyandersonstyling

For a look that is edgy, sassy and does not reveal your age, this blazing pixies is the stuff of dreams.

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18. Platinum Spiked Pixie

PC: Instagram/emilyandersonstyling

Always wanted to try a spiked look but never had the courage? This crazy spiked pixie might seem intimidating at first, but you will fall in love with it as soon as you look at yourself in the mirror with this edgy hairstyle. This hairstyle is as out of the box as it can get.

19. The Undercut Pixie With Bangs

PC: Instagram/emilyandersonstyling

For a look that is unusual and low-maintenance, the undercut pixie with bangs is worth a shot. The bangs mix so well with the look that the pixie looks an extension of it. This hairstyle looks even more sensual with the grey hair you constantly try to hide.

20. Straight Cut With A Long Fringe

PC: Instagram/j.christinesalon

While most women look for a hairstyle that stands out, don't beat yourself up for wanting a simple hairstyle right up in your comfort zone. A straight cut can look great too with long thin bangs.

21. Uneven Pixie With Highlights

PC: Instagram/hair_by_emiliee

Uneven pixie has been a popular hairstyle even among the teens. The beauty of the style is it can suit women of any age. With the choppy pixie with elongated hair at the nape, the silver highlight adds uniqueness to the look.

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22. Pulled-Back Bun With A Messy Pouf

PC: Instagram/makeovershare

Buns are oh so elegant. There is not a single shred of doubt about it. But, they sure can make you look aged. Well, not if add a messy pouf at the front adding fun and volume to your regular pulled-back bun.

23. Smallest Textured Bob

PC: Instagram/makeovershare

The unusual length of this bob makes it striking. While most bobs try to be subtle and blend in, this short, beautifully textured messy bob does all it can to stand out. You don't necessarily part it in the middle. If single-parting is your style, go for it.

24. Dark Brown Undercut Pixie

PC: Instagram/gabrielasprettylocks

If you are looking for a complete makeover, nothing works well than an undercut pixie. It is short, formal, elegant and takes years off your look. Add a deep fringe at the front to make it more feminine and sassy.

25. Beyond Poised Blunt

PC: Instagram/anhcotran

Blunt cut was a craze for a reason. This sharp shoulder-length blunt cut offers a sophisticated, formal and elegant look. If you want to make this look a little more fun, scrunch it up a bit to take it beyond poise.

26. Curls And Bangs

PC: Instagram/shades.of.blonde

Bangs are a fascination that can be daunting and so we often refrain from it. Add some luscious curls to it and it all comes together like a charm.

27. Retro Sensual Waves

PC: Instagram/igobygina

For the ladies in their 40s, the retro era holds a special place. The dresses, the make-up and the hair- oh the hair- of the era are simply classic. Add a retro touch to your look by side parting your hair and going for the retro curls.

28. Spring Waves

PC: Instagram/igobygina

This is a stunning hairstyle that demands your attention and work. Each layer curled outwards adds a spring-like bounce to your hair and that looks gorgeous. But, this hairstyle needs a lot of styling and you probably will end up spending a lot of time on your hair. But hey, it looks so stunning, so what's the harm!

29. Soft Bangs

PC: Instagram/hair_kristenklaw

With thin hair, there isn't a lot that you can do. To keep your thin hair sleek, stylish and smooth, add soft bangs to it along with some loose curls. This will give the illusion of fuller and bouncy hair.

30. Fishtail Bun

PC: Instagram/amandasilvey_

This is not a hairstyle for the novice. Only true hair lovers would take the pain of styling their hair in a fishtail bun. Ideal for long and thick hair, this hairstyle ensures that you turn heads wherever you go.

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