33 Gorgeous And Trendy Hairstyles For Short Hair

Monika Khajuria

Short hair is stunning. It gives you a great amount of freedom and saves you the hassle of maintaining long and healthy hair. You fall in love with short hair as soon as you realise how easy and perky they are. Well, that is the case most days. I am sure there are days you feel your short hair restricts you. Many women with short hair have this complaint that there aren't many hairstyles that can be done with short hair. Well, we are sure you could not be more delighted to be proven wrong.

There are a whole bunch of hairstyles that you can do with short hair to look sassy and trendy. Whether you are attending a party, going on about your daily chores or at work, the hairstyles you can pull off with short hair will amaze you.

To that effect, we have listed for you 33 gorgeous and trendy hairstyle to try on short hair. Here we go!

1. Poker Straight Bob

PC: Instagram/ Domınıkα Kolαnko

Bob is the most preferred short hair cut. When you think of cutting your hair short, you think bob. Well, you are not wrong to think that. It is delightful hair cut to style. All you need is a flat iron. Whenever you are in a fix on how to style your bob, take your time straightening it and that all that your hair needs to look sassy.

2. Layered Beachy Waves

PC: Instagram/Fernanda Testae

What are your thoughts on textured hair? If you get excited by it, you are going to love this hairstyle. Separate each layer of your bob and curl it into beachy waves. You can add colour to your tresses to make this look even more chic.

3. The Retro Style

PC: Instagram/Sinceresally

The retro era is a classic and so are the hairstyles worn during that era. Sleek and straight hair with curled out ends has its own charm and they add character to your look. Go all-in with the classic retro make-up to add to your vibe.

4. Pixie With Front Braids

PC: Instagram/Hairstyle_lover

The pixie cut is a rather popular style of short hair cut. It lifts the back of your head and adds a Boho vibe to your look. If you think pixie cut is not versatile, allow us to show you otherwise. Get a pixie cut with long front hair and you can make it interesting by braiding the long bangs and tucking it at the back of your head.

5. The Face-Framing Long Pixie

PC: Instagram/Hairstyle_lover

If you have a long face, the best hair cut for you is one that frames your face. If you have a long face, get a long pixie cut and style it to frame your face. Place the bangs on the sides of your forehead to make your face appear fuller. This hairstyle flatters your face shape.

6. Short Bob With Bangs

PC: Instagram/Hairstyle_lover

If you are seeking a hairstyle that is traditional yet unconventional, go for a pixie with bangs. While the pixie cut makes your face appear thinner, the bangs make it appear fuller. This hairstyle creates a perfect balance to give you a youthful appearance.

7. The BOHO Bob

PC: Instagram/Hairstyle_lover

Short hair cuts for women does make the hair easily manageable but it also allows to try out styles which were not possible with long hair- this Boho bob for instance. You would need a lot of hair gel and comb strokes to create this style but it is worth it in the end. Because of the amount of hair gel used to create this look, we would not suggest you do this often, but this hairstyle is definitely worth a shot, Save it for the time you are feeling extremely bold.

8. Pixie With Side Fringes

PC: Instagram/Hairstyle_lover

If you have thin hair, this is the perfect hairstyle for you. The pixie cut help with the issue of thin hair and the side fringes boost the volume around your face giving the illusion of thicker hair.

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9. Side Shaved Pixie

PC: Instagram/Hairstyle_lover

If you are felling overtly courageous and in need of a change, what better than this bold hairstyle. Ask your hairstylist to shave off the sides of your head while keeping the volume at the middle intact. You can either style this cur by pulling all of your hair at the back or towards the side.

10. Pixie With Messy And Layered Front Bangs

PC: Instagram/Hairstyle_lover

If you want a haircut that would allow you to not fuss much about your hair, get the shortest pixie cut you can. To maintain the feminity of the cut, leave the hair at the front longer and have it chopped in layers. The messy layered bangs at the front add softness to this rather blunt look.

11 Rainbow Pixie

PC: Instagram/Hairstyle_lover

Don't be afraid of adding a little(or a lot of) colour to your tresses. This may look too much, but when you pull your hair back or sidewards instead of at the front, the look will instantly change and so would the colours visible to you. Thanks to the super long bang at the front and the wispy layers, you don't have to think much about the styling. The hair cut and the colour pretty much does the work for you.

12. The Rockstar Braid

PC: Instagram/Hairstyle_lover

Would you ever call this hairstyle boring? This is an on-your-face hairstyle for your rockstar moment. You need thick hair and long bob cut to pull off this hairstyle. Keeping all the hair to one side and taking a chunk of hair of the other side and braiding it in a tight French or Dutch braid would give you a hairstyle that people will notice no matter where you go.

13. The Pulled Back Pixie

PC: Instagram/Hairstyle_lover

To keep the pixie cut from becoming boring and mundane, the best way is to change the direction of your hair. While conventionally the pixie cut falls flat on your head and over your face, change things up by pulling all of your hair at the back in a chic hairstyle.

14. The Loose French Braid

PC: Instagram/Hairstyle_lover

No matter the length of your hair, braids are never going to lose their charm, especially the French braid. If you have a pixie cut with some volume, braid the middle section of your hair in a French braid. You would need to start the braid from the top of your head and go till the middle of your head. Needless to say, this will look great on those with thick hair.

15. The Half N Half Long Bob

PC: Instagram/Hairstyle_lover

Adding colour to your tresses is a great way to make the bob cut more interesting. Taking inspiration from Cruella de Vil from the movie 101 Dalmations, do half n half. Centre part the hair and colour one side of your hair in a bright and contrasting colour as the lady in the picture above has done.

16. Bayalage Loose Waves Lob

PC: Instagram/FREYA JAHN

Bob cut becomes even more flattering when contrasting colours are at play. This balayage hair with a mix of a dark brown base and caramel brown highlights styled in loose curls is sexy, sassy and beautiful.

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17. Over The Forehead Bangs Pixie

PC: Instagram/Kurzhaarfrisuren

You don't have to be OTT to be stunning. Make your pixie cut flattering by combing it thoroughly and placing the bangs over your forehead and eyes.

18. Curled Bob

PC: Instagram/Kurzhaarfrisuren

Layers that are chopped precisely and curled in thick ringlets are a great addition to the pixie cut. It adds charm and charisma to your look, particularly when falling off from on your face.

19. Side-Swept Long Pixie

PC: Instagram/Kurzhaarfrisuren

Sweeping the entire volume of your hair to one side enhances the grace of your pixie cut. It reduces the volume of hair around your face and would look great on someone with fuller cheeks and short forehead.

20. The Professional Pixie

PC: Instagram/Kurzhaarfrisuren

More often than not, pixie cut leans more towards the wild side than the casual side. For the working professionals with an image to uphold, carrying pixie cut can be a challenge. This professionally styled pixie is your solution. The shortest pixie cut till the nape of your head, leaving your neck at display makes the look enchanting while the sleek straight bangs placed neatly on the forehead makes the look professional and sassy. You can't ever complain now that the pixie is not professional.

21. Long Bob With Front Bangs

PC: Instagram/Lukgal Srikarn Nakavisut

Long bobs with a straight cut are the most popular choice among ladies these days. Add front bangs to your bob to accent the natural shape of your face. The bangs falling effortlessly on your forehead blend nicely with the bob and enhances the cute factor of your look.

22. Bob With Front Hair Tucked Behind The Ear

PC: Instagram/Por Mayara Santos

Sometimes all it takes is a simple gesture to style your hair. This tucked-back hairstyle is the prime example of that. Wear your bob in a sleek and straight manner and take your fingers to tuck the strands of hair on the front over your ears with the left-over strands placed gracefully over your cheeks. This is all the styling you need for those casual days.

23. Side-Pouffe Lob

PC: Instagram/amamoscabelocurtinho

As far as sensual hairstyles go, nothing screams sensual more than a messy side-pouffe lob with textured hair. The hair curled in loose waves crunched using the fingers and wooshed towards one side creates a side pouffe with a messy look.

24. The Bobby Pin Factor

PC: Instagram/amamoscabelocurtinho

Hair accessories are your best friends when styling your hair. Curl your hair in loose waves, deep side-part the hair and stick some colourful bobby pins in a vertical line on the steeper side for a look that is boho and fun.

25. Half Updo With Hairband

PC: Instagram/amamoscabelocurtinho

Just because your hair is short doesn't mean it's not versatile. Gather all of your front hair in a half updo, create a pouffe and secure the updo in place. Pull out a few strands of hair at the front and put on a funky hairband to complete the look.

26. Front Wave Lob

PC: Instagram/Cabelo Longbob

If you are blessed with naturally straight hair that can hold a wave and make it look sexy without putting in much effort, styling short hair becomes a lot more easy and fun. Side-part your hair, brush through it thoroughly and create a wave on the side of the larger parting to style your hair. Try to get the wave as deeper as possible.

27. Super Sleek Lob

PC: Instagram/Cabelo Longbob

A trend that we are sure is not going to lose its charm or be less impactful is the classic super sleek lob. The key to getting this look is patience and finely straightened hair. Part your hair in the middle so that the hair frames your face and accentuate your natural features.

28. Lob With Ends Curled In Opposite Direction

PC: Instagram/Cabelo Longbob

For a more retro way to style your hair, be a little more asymmetric. Curl the ends of your hair in inward and outward directions randomly to get this super cute lob look.

29. Side Bun

PC: Instagram/Por Mayara Santos

The lob cut makes the perfect base for a cute side bun. The thick side Dutch braid leading up to the bun adds more drama and volume to the look and gives you an amazing hairstyle.

30. Beach Waves

PC: Instagram/Por Mayara Santos

Curling just the ends in thick beachy waves is an incredible option for those looking for ways to make their lob or bob more flattering and textured. All you need is a flat iron and hair spray to create and hold those beautiful waves in place. The lighter shade of the hair brings out the best of this look.

31. Messy Ponytail

PC: Instagram/chloenbrown

This messy take on the beloved ponytail gives you enough luxury to reminisce the long hair days while enjoying the freedom that short hair provides. Do not worry if you can not gather all of your hair in the ponytail. The hair left at the front can be styled in various ways from curled bangs to front braids enhancing the beauty of this look.

32. Half Updo Messy Bun

PC: Instagram/chloenbrown

If you have the super straight and even lob, this hairstyle is perfect to refresh the look. Take your front hair in a half updo and wrap it in a messy bun at the top of your head to achieve this stunning look.

33. Top Bun With Dutch Braids

PC: Instagram/chloenbrown

Talking about buns, this one is wild and one that we are sure you haven't done before. Middle-part your hair and create two Dutch braids at the top of your head that lead to a cute little bun on the top of your head to get this unusual look.

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