4.5% GDP Growth: When RS Prasad channelled his inner 'Joker' and launched 'War' on logic

Modi’s ministers – till the 4.5% GDP figure was released – had been at pains to explain why the economy hadn’t slowed down at all. Piyush Goyal asked us to reject the maths, Nirmala Sitharaman blamed millennials and their propensity to use OLA and Uber but the icing on the cake was put by the honourable Union Minister RS Prasad.

The Law Minister, in what can only be described as a state of inspiration comparable to Archimedes shouting Eureka in his bath, cited the box office collections of three movies to reject any talk of a slowdown.

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He told reporters in in October that three movies – War, Joker and Syera – had minted Rs 120 crore on October 2, which according to him was a clear indication that the ‘economy is sound’.

"I was Information and Broadcasting Minister in former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee's government and I am fond of movies. Movies have been doing huge business. Three movies released on October 2 and film critic Komal Nahta told me that the national holiday [Oct 2] saw earning of Rs 120 crore by three movies. This figure of Rs 120 crore can only come when the economy of a country is sound".

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The minister’s statement was roundly maligned and became a joke on Twitter and he later claimed his statement was ‘taken of out context’. While no economist in the history of human consciousness has ever cited box office figures to support the economy’s growth, War and Joker were both good movies which did exceedingly well.

Starring Joaquin Phoenix Joker went on to become the highest grossing R-rated film of all time and the first to rake in a billion dollars. War – the epic tale of Tiger Shroff lusting after Hrithik Roshan (who doesn’t) – which has earned over Rs 450 crore and is the highest grossing Bollywood film of the year.