4 Homeopathic Remedies For Treating Different Types Of Asthma In Children

4 Homeopathic Remedies For Treating Different Types Of Asthma In Children

Homeopathy is traditionally known to cure illnesses in children. In fact, homeopaths believe that it is the only branch of medicine that is capable of completely removing an illness from a child. And this applies to asthma, too. If your child is suffering from asthma, homeopathic treatment can provide you with a cure and not just relief.

To cure asthma in children, it is important for the homeopaths to understand the cause of the illness. Asthma is an airborne disease that affects the lungs and makes breathing difficult. The major causes of asthma in children are allergies, parental smoking, premature birth (low birth weight), or genetics. Since the effects of asthma vary for everyone, here are a few remedies for different types of asthma.

Arsen Iod

Arsen iod is a chemically prepared combination of two substances; arsenic and iodine. It is used for treating allergic asthma. The allergy is typically induced by dust and pollens or even pet hair, if you have pets at home. Arsen iod is usually prescribed to someone who is hyperactive and irritable during the outbursts to suppress the restlessness. It can also be recommended for children who are impatient to help promote emotional balance in them.


It is a mountaineer's remedy recommended for children suffering from short-breathed asthma. It is suitable for children who feel exhausted after doing any small physical activity and suffer from mental strain. Your homeopath may also recommend Coca to your child if they are coughing out transparent mucus in small quantities.


coughing child

Spongia Tosta

Homeopaths prescribe Spongia Tosta for children who have a dry cough. It is also suitable for wheezing asthma in children. This type of an asthma is dry and will cause your child to make high-pitched, bark-like coughing sounds when they are trying to catch their breath. Wheezing asthma can also cause them to have suffocated attacks throughout the day and night. In such cases, Spongia Tosta is an excellent remedy for treating asthma in children.


Conceived from a plant called Artemisia Maritime, Cina is a remedy prescribed to children suffering from cough variant asthma. According to homeopaths, cough variant asthma is quite different from the other types of asthma as it does not show any of the traditional signs usually observed in asthma. While a dry cough is one symptom that is observed in the patient, this type of asthma has the potential of causing other allergic diseases as well. Treating cough variant asthma with Cina can help prevent life-threatening conditions such as lung failure and pneumonia. Due to the complications posed by it, cough variant asthma is considered to be one of the most complex forms of asthma.

Why Choose Homeopathy for Treating Asthma in Children?

According to the British Homeopathic Association, homeopathy has greater potential in  children's chronic diseases, especially when other forms of medicines fail. Besides, homeopaths may also ask you to adopt an altered lifestyle and personalized diet for your child along with the medicines to support the treatment and speed up the recovery process. Since homeopathic treatments are customized for each patient, the success rate of the treatment of asthma in children is high.