4 Instagram Accounts That Will Develop Your Mind and Spirit in 2021

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We can all agree that it’s a relief we’ve put 2020 behind us, and although 2021 may have started in lockdown for some of us we can most definitely use the start of the year to reset ourselves. A year where we can focus on improving our mind, body and soul. We’ve put together our top 4 accounts that will horizon your thinking and provide a more enriching start to the year ahead. See some of our top suggestions below:


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Want to spend more time this year understanding yourself better? Reflecting on your relationships, boundaries and inner self? @Psych_today is full of hints and tips on how to improve the way you see your psychological self. It’s like a virtual bible full of many topics such as coping with anxiety and setting relationship boundaries. There is almost something in every post that you can take away and apply in your everyday life. This account makes it to our top 4 list!


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If you want to develop your business mindset then why not learn from the best? Former Manchester City footballer transitioned into a business mogul. Now as the CEO of ManiereDeVoir which easily has a £200 million + valuation shares his best tips and secrets. Occasionally also a showcase into his personal book library, where the top 1% spend most of their time. If you are lucky and early enough to catch some of his own limited published books then perhaps you have inherited specialised knowledge, touch to you. Nonetheless, you will still have access to many of these gems on his daily story shares so take your notebooks out.


Escapism is a renowned reading genre in books and when it comes to social media, the information we allow into our mind are no different. Katherine is a lifestyle blogger in Taiwan, a country so adapt to the cultures of neighbouring Asian countries it is like the hub of Asia and this account is an opportunity for us foreigners, a perfect escape into the social lifestyle, foods and recreational activities present in Taiwan. Put your visualising caps on.


Ever wondered what it takes to be a singer? Japanese opera students and Instagrammer will show you exactly what this path is all about. You see, if you are one who appreciates every decibel of sound then you must also appreciate the origin of what you hear. Opera singing is part of a hefty lifestyle consisting of practise and mastery in the arts, her account shares exactly that; a glimpse into the development and life of an opera singer. We are especially interested to see what this talent holds for the future.

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