4 Step Night Time Skincare

Nishtha Gupta
·1-min read

Self love and self care are the most important things one should practice. Pampering yourself and your skin is one thing which falls under it. Our skin is very sensitive to our surroundings so it is very important to take care of it. Many of us neglect treating our skin the right way and blame the ‘pimple breakout’ on several other factors. So today I bring you a night-time beauty regime which is supe easy to follow to attain a healthy and glowing skin!

1) Face wash

Washing your face before going to sleep is the most basic thing you should do. The dirt on skin will partially wash off your face.

2) Cleanser

Using a cleanser will remove the dirt which is stuck inside your skin pores. Use a soft cotton swab to cleanse your face. Use any cleanser according to your skin type.

3) Toner

A toner will be a good option. It is healthy for your skin. It will hydrate your skin.

4) Moisturiser

Moisturiser at the end of the whole process is a must. Do this and you’ll wake up to a soft skin the next morning.