4 Things To Know Before Buying Your First Pair Of False Eyelashes

Monika Khajuria

False eyelashes have recently become a craze thanks to the ever charming beauty community on the internet. With the rise of the beauty gurus on YouTube and Instagram, the beauty trends which were earlier were reserved for only celebrities and make-up artists have now found a way in our regular routine. We now are in-line with all the jazz that is make-up. And hence we delve into the world of false eyelashes. They look great on screen, we are tempted to try them but they intimidate us as well. We know it isn't easy as it looks. To decode false lashes for you, we have come up with 4 things you must absolutely know before buying your first pair of false eyelashes.

1. Do Not Opt For Heavy Ones

While heavy lashes look like an absolute dream, they are very difficult to pull off for the first timers. Not only would you be confused with the placement of the lashes but they will feel heavy on your eyes as well. So, start small with more natural looking lashes that give you the time to becoming used to the false lashes.

Also, if you are a heavy make-up wearer chunky pair of lashes are only going to hide your piece of art. For your first buy, go heavy on the eyeshadow and light on the lashes.

2. Buys Ones With Transparent Band

What you also need to know about false lashes is that it comes with a band that you place over your natural lashes. As you are a beginner, the improper placement can look strange on the first-timer with the black band quite visible to the eye. To get the finesse you want, we suggest you go for the falsies with transparent band.

Put on the glue on that band, wait for it to dry, place it gently over your lashes and press in.

3. Go For Single Or Demi Lashes

Any pair of false eyelashes that you buy most probably will be too long for your eyes. The professional artists can take care of this issue in a jiffy by clipping the lashes. For the first-time, this approach might seem daunting. To save yourself the hassle, we suggest you go for single or demi lashes. Single lashes give you more room to play and are ideal for those who are looking for something to fill-in the gaps between their lashes. Just place the single lash where you want and its done. You can use as many pair of single lashes as you are comfortable with. The best part about single lashes is that they can easily amp up your lower lashes as well.
Demi lashes are another option which are placed on the outer corner of the eyes and give you a winged-out effect.

4. Consider Your Eye Shape

It is not easy to find a pair of false eyelashes that fit your eyes perfectly. The pair of eyelashes that look beautiful in the box does not look as charming when placed on your eyes. Many times this has got something to do with your eye shape. For instance, huge fluttery eyelashes will not look as good on hooded eyes. The pair of eyelashes that are heavy on the ends will not look flattering on wide eyes. So, while buying your first pair of eye lashes keep your eye shape in mind as well.

For hooded eyes, choose natural or single eyelashes. For small eyes, choose a pair of lashes that are winged out at the ends. For wide eyes, go for lashes that concentrate more on the inner corner of the eyes.

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