40 Most Flattering Hairstyles For Triangle Shape Face

Monika Khajuria

You are not alone if you are looking for a hairstyle that suits your face shape perfectly. The hairstyle that suits you the best depends largely on your face shape. The cut and mould of your face is an important element of how flattering a hairstyle will look on you. For instance, those with round shape should opt for a hairstyle that elongates the face. And if you have triangle face shape, you need a hairstyle that narrows down your chin.

A triangle face shape is one that has a sharp jawline and a broader forehead. A hairstyle that softens the jawline and makes your forehead narrow will look the most flattering on triangle face shape. So, go for hairstyles that draw the attention away from your chin. Wondering which hairstyles those are? Don't fret. We've curated for you the best hairstyles for triangle face shape.

Hairstyles For Triangle Shape Face- Women

1. Middle-length wavy tresses

PC: Instagram/Fong Jerry

This is a perfect everyday hairstyle that doesn't require much effort. The waves at the ends add the softness a triangle face shape needs.

2. Voluminous high bun

PC: Instagram/HolleewoodHair

A neat and classy hairstyle, the voluminous high bun adds lift to your look while the strands of hair pulled out at the sides frame your face and flatters your face shape.

3. Long ombre wavy hair

PC: Instagram/Márcio Oliveira

Wavy hair is the best for triangle face shape. The ombre highlights added to the hair take the attention away from the sharp jawline.

4. Short bob with side-swept bangs

PC: Instagram/Framar

The short bob ending just below your ears frames the face perfectly. The side-swept bangs give a tender touch to the look.

5. Tousled high blue bun with bangs

PC: Instagram/Charleen

The tousled blue bun is not for the faint-hearted. It makes a bold statement and has a very bohemian feel to it. It is a hairstyle perfect for a fun evening out. Well, you don't really need the blue for the hairstyle to make an impact.

6. Sleek side bob

PC: Instagram/R A M B U TTM U N D E R C U T

A simple look with a mix of soft and sassy, the sleek side bob is the perfect bob to experiment with for those with the triangle face shape.

7. Formal ponytail

PC: Instagram/Victoria Beckham

This ponytail is elegant, bad-ass and perfect for any formal occasion. The strands on either side of the face add an element of poise to the look.

8. Ponytail braid

PC: Instagram/Spice.power5

Melanie wore this quirky hairstyle to the recently held BRIT Awards. The sleek high ponytail look was given a perky twist with a precise three-strand braid.

9. Highlighted ruffled bob


This ruffled hairdo looks trendy and wild. The dark tresses highlighted at the roots using a bright shade makes this look chic and intense.

10. Tucked away tresses with waves

PC: Instagram/shailene woodley

This neat and elegant hairdo is the front hair sleekly tucked away behind the ears, almost giving it the look of an updo. The crisp waves at the ends add the much-needed flamboyance to the look.

11. Black ruffled tresses

PC: Instagram/shailene woodley

The long and dark ruffled tresses give a playful vibe to the look. The long bangs on either side of the face, styled in a wave-like manner, make this look vivacious.

12. Pulled-back messy bun

PC: Instagram/shailene woodley

The pulled back messy bun is a great hairdo for the triangle face. The messy strands across the face soften the jawline and the puffed front compliments your face shape perfectly.

13. Blonde bob

PC: Instagram/Scarlettwow

The ruffled middle-parted blonde bob is an effortless look for your face shape. The hair curved outward at the ends give a perky and vibrant touch to the look.

14. Wavy layers

PC: Instagram/scarlettjohanssonstyle

Wavy tresses are best-friends of triangle face shape. They are pretty, effortless and accentuate your face shape the best. Create waves in each layer of your hair to get the perfect bounce.

15. Long pixie

PC: Instagram/scarlettjohansson.fc

This sleek hairstyle enhances your face shape in the best way. The long pixie look is sexy and gives you a unique look.

16. Elegant low bun

PC: Instagram/celebrity_redcarpet

This hairdo is very formal and refined and comes in handy when the occasion demands it. The single strand on one side of your face gives a sparkling touch to the look.

17. Retro bob

PC: Instagram/johanssonofficialgallery

The thick retro bob is defined with waves curled outside. This hairstyle is just right for your everyday office look.

18. Sleek layers

PC: Instagram/johanssonofficialgallery

The sleek and defined side-parted layers have a quite well-dressed effect. This effortless-looking hairstyle is a go-to for any formal event.

19. Formal sleek bun

PC: Instagram/johanssonofficialgallery

The sleek bun with an inclined front puff definitely makes the list of best hairstyles for your face shape. It enhances the shape of your face beautifully and uplifts your look.

20. Thick curls bob

PC: Instagram/kaelynchristine.hair

Bob cut that reaches your shoulder is perfect for your face shape. Close curls enhance the look even more and add a bounce to the look.

21. Beach waves half updo

PC: Instagram/kaelynchristine.hair

This hairstyle is marked by its texture. The beach waves styled in an elegant updo gives your hair the bounce it needs to compliment your face shape.

22. Shoulder-length bob

PC: Instagram/Reese Witherspoon

This hairstyle consists of shoulder-length hair framing one side of the face. The slight wave on the side gives a tender touch to the hairdo.

23. Pinned up bob

PC: Instagram/hairbylindal

This fringed long bob look is enhanced by the bobby pins used to pin up one side of the hair. The soft waves add bounce and texture to the look.

24. Sleek long bob

PC: Instagram/RPGSHOW

This hairstyle is soft and elegant. It consists of middle-parted crisply straightened hair. The length of the bob defines your face shape in a flattering way.

25. Neon asymmetrical bob

PC: Instagram/Lynntelle Slim

The neon shade and styling of the hairdo makes this hairdo unique. The sharply inclined bang curled outward at the end gives the look its edge.

26. Overgrown asymmetrical bob with fringes

PC: Instagram/Propaganda Hair Group

The asymmetrical overgrown bob is accentuated with fringes that cover your forehead. This look is upbeat and sultry.

27. Bob with long bangs

PC: Instagram/S Salon & Studio

Playing with the length of your bangs always work. This asymmetrical bob tucked in at one side is a keeper.

28. Sleek low ponytail

PC: Instagram/Deepika Padukone

The low ponytail is one of the most popular hairstyles. This sleek middle-parted version of it definitely looks charming.

29. Low bun with front pouf

PC: Instagram/Deepika Padukone

This hairdo consists of a precisely done low bun. The slight pulled back pouf makes the look cheeky and smart.

30. Shiny brunette hairdo

PC: Instagram/Vaani Kapoor

The shiny brunette waves are charming and poised. This middle-parted effortless look is easy to carry and will suit your every occasion.

Hairstyles For Triangle Shape Face- Men

31. Side-swept tresses

PC: Instagram/Shahid Kapoor

Forget about that parting. The side-swept hair with a few flicks on the forehead is the perfect effortless hairstyle for triangle face shape.

32. Pulled-back pouf

PC: Instagram/Shahid Kapoor

This hairstyle consists of deep side-parted hair pulled back in an inclined pouf. This adds softness to your face shape and looks flattering.

33. Crew cut with fuller centre

PC: Instagram/Shahid Kapoor

This is one of the most popular hairstyles at the moment. With the sides featuring minimum hair and fuller hair in the centre, this hairstyle looks cool and stylish.

34. The sleek side-parted tresses

PC: Instagram/Ryan Gosling Daily

Sleek side-parted hair is the most effortless hairstyle for triangle face shape. This short and sleek hairstyle is certainly apt for official events.

35. The short pulled back hair

PC: Instagram/Justin Timberlake

The short pulled back hair in the middle gives your face shape the lift and definition it needs.

36. The buzz cut with a stubble

PC: Instagram/Justin Timberlake

Taking short hair to the next level, this hairstyle features short all-over hair. The slight stubble helps to balance this fuzz-free hairstyle.

37. The deep side part

PC: Instagram/Justin Timberlake

The deep side part narrows your broad forehead and makes up for a great everyday hairstyle for triangle face shape.

38. Slick pulled back hair

PC: Instagram/Copacetic

The slick hair adds a degree of finesse to the look. This look consists of neatly combed pulled back hair that looks dapper.

39. Pompadour hair

PC: Instagram/Fabiano Coruja

This classic hairstyle features a deep part with dramatically short hair at the sides and slick pulled back hair in the middle. This hairstyle works best with voluminous straight hair.

40. Messy Curls

PC: Instagram/Curly Hair Men Feed

A care-free hairstyle, messy curls have a charm that you can't beat. It is a stylish look for those who want to venture a wild route. Although this hairstyle depends on the natural texture of your hair, you can always use the heat-styling tools at your disposal and rock the wild curls every once in a while.

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