5 Beautiful LGBTQ Ads That You May Not Have Seen

Prerna Aditi

Advertisements are not only meant to make us gain information about a product but it also gives us several messages. Sometimes the message can be strong, straightforward and sometimes it can be emotional yet impactful. Well, there are numerous such advertisements that will always mesmerise you.
There are many adorable and inspiring advertisements based on the life of people from the LGBTQ community. Therefore, today we are here to tell you about some adverts that will tell you the love and bond between the people from the LGBTQ community.

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1. 30 Years In The Making

The first in line is a recent commercial of an automobile brand, which was intended to mark the successful completion of 30 years of an automobile. The advert showed the emotional story of a lesbian couple, how they met as two young girls and grew up to be best friends, later falling in love.

Both the girls enjoy a beach and then share some intimate moments.
However, one of the girls later gets married to a guy and the other one becomes lonely. The marriage doesn't last though and the first girl comes to reunite with her former partner. Years after both of them have their own daughter and come to visit their extended family members.
The ad will really leave you in tears as the portrayal is quite emotional.

2. One Night Stand With Karan

Another such commercial has been released by Knorr soup which is named One Night Stand With Karan and has the hashtag #WhatsCooking. It shows how a heart-throbbing neighbour rings the doorbell of Karan Johar's house. The neighbour is drenched in rain and has probably lost his house keys. Karan asks him to come inside and offers him a blanket.

However, the neighbour looks for something else that can provide warmth and comfort to him. Now it is quite interesting to watch what happens next.

3. Bold Is Beautiful

A few years ago, an advert was released by the collaboration of an e-commerce company and a clothing brand. This was India's first lesbian ad and went viral. It became quite famous during its release. The advert shows how two girls decide to take their relationship to the next level by confessing the same to their parents. Initially, one of the partners is doubtful if they are doing the right thing. The other partner says she is quite confident about it and doesn't want to hide the relationship anymore. Both of them are seen to be sharing an adorable bond.

4. Smile With Pride

Most of the time, people feel that the older generation is quite skeptical about when it comes to homosexuality. You may think 'what if they hate?' However, this toothpaste company was quite successful in depicting the reaction of not only the older generation but also of the younger generation. This ad is called #SmileWithPride which is quite short yet beautiful. The ad shows a gay couple shifting to a new place. While moving their sofa to the upper floor, the gay couple comes across an elderly man with his grandson. Now it is worth to watch what happens next.

5. Touch Of Care

Last but not least, in the year 2017, a medication company released an advertisement #TouchOfCare that is based on a true story of a mother and her daughter. It depicts their love and the bond they share. The girl in the ad narrates her story about how her 'mummy' looks after her and does things to make her happy. She also talks about how she met her 'mummy' after she lost her birth mother. At last, the girl reveals who her 'mummy' is and what she aspires to do for her. The ad will no doubt leave you speechless.

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We hope you will find these ads beautiful and inspiring. Also, you will take a cue from these ads to have humility and support for the LGBTQ community.

Image Courtesy: All images are taken from Youtube

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