5 Best Photo Editing Apps for Mobile

Nishtha Gupta
·2-min read

Everyday we all share photos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social platforms. When we share those pictures we want them to look good and be pleasing to our eyes. While some prefer applying basic filters to their pictures, some want to edit them detail by detail to make their feed aesthetically pleasing. So today we bring you five mobile editing apps which are great for both Android and IOS system.

1) Snapseed

it has a unique gesture based interface. It offers and incredible level of control over its effects and filters. It can take quite a while to get familiarised with the app but once you know how to use it you will be able to edit your pictures very well.

2) PicsArt

it is a shark and sophisticated app with more functionality than you would ever expect of a mobile app. Teens and adults will find this place to create beautiful photography and digital art with great ease. It gives a wide variety of tools which are easy to use and handle.

3) Lightroom

Adobe lightroom is an app with rich and powerful technology that includes some of the best photo editing tools anywhere. It lets you work on full resolution images on any kind of device and it has great learning tools and produces fine quality images.

4) Instagram

This app has a wide variety of filters to choose from and there are several editing tools you can use such as: adjust, crop, brightness, contrast, structure saturation, highlights, vignette, shadows, etc.


It is versatile and the users can edit and post both pictures and videos in it. You can create professional photographs, editorial, and creative images for Instagram or any other social platform. There is an emphasis on the editing tool and creation of unique images.