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Pelling, Sikkim

This tiny town offers stunning views thanks to its surroundings, which include majestic mountains, glaciers, snow-capped hills, terraced fields, colourful orchards, and traditional farms. But the biggest draw is the stately Mt Kanchenjunga, as the town is located on the mountain’s foothills. Pelling offers unrivalled views of this lordly mountain that looks spectacular in the dawn light. Pelling is a popular starting point for monastery treks. There’s the beautiful Pemayangste Monastery, the oldest monastery in Sikkim. The three-storied monastery is famous for its Sikkimese style ancient gateways, murals, woodwork, and sculptures. Overlooking Pemayangste Monastery is Sangachoeling Monastery, built in 1697 on a ridge above Pelling. It’s a 40 minute trek but the effort is truly worth it. While here, don’t forget to take in the pristine beauty of Khecheopalri Lake. If you’re looking for a bit of adventure, then Pelling also offers skiing. You can also go bungee-jumping off Singshore bridge, Asia’s second highest suspension bridge.
Photograph: Babitha George/Flickr