5 best value destinations to visit in 2020

Even though average flight prices in India have gone up by seven per cent, tariffs on specific routes have seen a drop. If you, like us, are flying out of India, here are the five places to visit in 2020 if you’re on a tight budget.

Myanmar has only just opened to tourists making it one of the least explored countries in the world. The Shwedagon Pagoda, said to hold some of Buddha’s hair, is among the most venerated sites in the country. With average ticket price to Yangon and back being around Rs 22,700, according to Skyscanner, the fare drop from the previous year has been as sharp as 19 per cent.
Best time to visit: November to February

What started off as a backpackers’ destination is, today, one of the most sought-after beach hotspots in the world. Think lazy beaches, stupendous views and breathtaking cliffs and you’ll see why Krabi is as alluring to a beach bum as it is to the adrenalin junkie. 2019 saw a spectacular 17 per cent drop in airfare to Krabi, making it one of the most affordable destinations to fly to.
Best time to visit: November to March

Manila with its baroque churches, open air markets and supersized malls is a city that’s as diverse as its architecture. Turn a corner and you’ll always find something new. Airfare between India and the Philippines has seen a 12 per cent drop and average return tickets to Manila are around Rs 26,000.
Best time to visit: December to March

South Africa’s largest city has also seen a spectacular 11 per cent drop in airfare from India. With average return airfare at about Rs 39,000, Johannesburg should definitely be on your radar for 2020.
Best time to visit: September to February

Think of the coolest vacation you’ve ever had. Brisbane, with its bars, gardens, hiking trails, biking routes, street arts and a human-made beach, will likely leave it all behind. The price drop for airfare from India to Brisbane has been just four per cent but if you don’t mind loosening your purse strings a little, here’s a city you should consider.
Best time to visit: June to November

All photographs: Pixabay.com