5 Indian dishes that make a healthy breakfast

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Methi Paratha (Thepla) / Indian flat bread using fenugreek leaves, served with mint dip,yogurt.
Methi Paratha (Thepla) / Indian flat bread using fenugreek leaves, served with mint dip,yogurt.

Breakfast is one of the most important meals, which helps in rejuvenating our body and mind, and acts as a break from a night long hibernation mode. Breakfast fuels our body for the rest of the day, and hence selecting a diet that is nutritious, tasty and quick to prepare in the early hours of the day can be a tedious choice. But breakfast can be made exciting and delicious, without much of the hassle.

Indian cuisine offers a wide range of breakfast options that are quick to make and healthy to start your day with.

Oats idli: Oats are a rich source of carbs, fibre, and protein. Mixing oats with feather-light idlis increases the nutrient quotient of the dish. Oats idli is quick to prepare and can be eaten with different dips to enhance its flavour.

Methi thepla: Methi thepla is one of the favoured traditional dishes eaten in breakfast. Originated from Gujrat, methi thepla is a wheat-based flatbread that can be eaten even in lunch and dinners.

Sali par edu: This is a famous Parsi dish, made with eggs on fried potatoes. It is a perfect pair of protein and fibre. The recipe is easy to cook while being relished by all age-groups.

Masala cheese toast: The dish combines the goodness of wheat and cheese in one and tastes exquisite. Add veggies to this and it becomes an excellent option for breakfast for people trying to lose weight.

Dal ka paratha: What would you do with leftover dal from last night’s dinner? Indian homes have found a remedy to this as well. The dal is stuffed in the wheat dough and rolled out to make parathas. When paired with curd or mango pickle, these are hard to miss. (Text by PepperContent)


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