5 Larry King Interviews You Can’t Afford to Miss

Abira Dhar
·2-min read

Popular talk show host Larry King passed away at the age of 87 on 23 January. The iconic tv and radio interviewer had done around 50,000 on-air interviews throughout his career. His breezy and sometimes even conversational interviews with the most famous and the infamous is what made him a broadcasting icon. From interviewing movie stars, world leaders to even the common man with incredible stories, he did it all.

While it's almost impossible to choose a list of top five interviews of Larry King, here are five interviews that made headlines.

1. When Donald Trump Said He 'Doesn't Want to be President'

This one never gets old. In 1987 Trump spoke on Larry King Live and made few controversial statements that is referred to till date.

2. When Monica Lewinsky Cleared the Biggest Misconception About Her

While people were going after former US president Bill Clinton to get a statement on the infamous Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. Larry King spoke to the lady herself, Monica Lewinsky. This one is a must watch.

3. John Lennon Murderer Reliving the Moments He Murdered Him

Interviewing famous celebrities who have million fans is one thing and interviewing the murderer of a famous celebrity is another. But Larry King pulled off an interview with the murderer of John Lennon with utmost grace and dignity.

4. Stephen Hawking On Considering Other Career Options Before He Chose Science

King has interviewed Stephen Hawking multiple times, and every time they spoke it was headline worthy. King had an ability to get in touch with the most human side of the biggest personalities. And in this interview he did just that.

5. The Unforgettable Kiss of Marlon Brando and Larry King

Larry King himself referred to this interview as one of his most memorable ones. You will hear him talk about this kiss between him and Marlon Brando in several interviews and speeches.

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