5 Methods of Generating Passive Income from your Passion

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Passive investments are the perfect way to invest because they enable you to earn money while you’re busy doing other things. While creating a passive income can take many years to achieve, it is possible to gradually build an income stream if it can motivate you. The current trend marks a new way to generate income in the face of Covid-19.

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Annette J Morris, MA owner of Goal Getter LLC is one of those female entrepreneurs who is known to elevate other female entrepreneurs using the skills and knowledge she’s attained as a 9 year full time entrepreneur. She is courageous, strong, ambitious and above all she is a goal oriented which is why they call her the GOAL GETTER. Her company Goal Getter LLC helps female entrepreneurs identify their God given gifts and convert the gifts into 5-7 figure businesses to support their lives and legacy.

Morris is not only a renowned Business Coach but she is also a Certified Life Coach, Therapist, Speaker and Best Selling Author. It is said that the quality of Goal Getter’s products and services are something that characterizes the brand. Annette J Morris has developed a replicable and profitable business program that helps entrepreneurs generate 6 figures from their passion Passive income so that female entrepreneurs can implement these skills into their present business.

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1 Create a course- thinkific, kajabi, kartra and teachable are all platforms to host classes. Udemy and Coursera are also online learning platforms on which you can host courses. For example, we provide grant writing as a service but we also teach the course. I’d much rather teach it than to do it. We are now putting the course on Kartra so that people can take the course anywhere at any time.

2 Create a product- if you are a service based business add a product line to generate another stream of revenue effortlessly. Tshirts, mugs, soaps, creams, planners, journals, the list is endless. I’ll use for example, my makeup artist is a licensed esthetician. She’d like to add additional revenue to her business so that all of her income is not generated from doing makeup. We went through the products she uses and researched Private labeling opportunities so that she can have her own product line to add to her services.

3 Create an ebook- ebooks are not only easy to sell but they also increase exposure for your brand, minimal time invested in creating them, minimal monetary investment and great return on minimal investment .

4 Coach others to start a business just like yours

5 Create a Podcast- There are various platforms that you can use to host a Podcast on however if you’re not a techy person I’d recommend Anchor. Anchor is simple and easy to use. It allows you to load an app to your phone. You can record your sessions right on your phone and load the recorded sessions right to your podcast. The Income streams from a podcast is when you allow others to advertise on your Podcast. Anchor will even pay you to advertise them on your podcast and the app is FREE.

The success of every woman should be the inspiration to another. Annette J Morris five business models that can make female entrepreneurs shine. It may sound too easy, but if you play your cards right, it could become your reality.

Passive income is something many people desire but don’t know how to get started. The key is doing your research and begin experimenting with a few ideas until you find the idea that works for you.