5 Must Have Apps for Content Creators

Nishtha Gupta
·1-min read

In today’s time, everybody wants to make a presence in social media and make it look aesthetic and eye-pleasing. We come across many content creators today who not only post just pictures, but make reels and have their feed which inspires us all. So today I bring you a list of 5 apps for content creators and the ones who aspire to be content creators!

1) Lightroom

This app is best to edit pictures and create your own presets.

2) Snapseed

You can use this app to enhance the background of your pictures and heal the unwanted distractions in it.

3) Inshot

This is the most recommended app for editing your videos. It has many features and is super easy to use!

4) Preview

This app can be used to plan your insta fees and make it look aesthetic. You can change the position of your posts as you please.

5) Unfold

This app is dedicated to create beautiful insta stories. You can create pretty backdrops and templates for your story.